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  • Using a Specific External Trigger Signal with Overlapped Exposure
    This document provides guidelines for operating Basler cameras when the following two conditions are fulfilled at the same time: ?? The exposure time for an image capture overlaps the sensor readout for the previous image capture (overlapped exposure). ?? A specific external hardware trigger signal
  • Troubleshooting Intermittent Signal Faults
    Using any of several tools and techniques on a digital oscilloscope, you can locate an elusive waveform, set up a trigger, and capture the event.
  • Detecting Oscillations in an ABB Variable Frequency Drive System (VFD) of large industrial Blowers
    are captured by a multichannel transient recorder whereas every channel is acquired and stored to disk independently. In a suitable data acquisition system every channel needs to be an active trigger source in an advanced trigger mode such as interval or slew rate in either AND or OR trigger logic.
  • Continuous Recording Feature (.pdf)
    a "hard" or "soft" trigger to the camera. The camera can record a cine, trim and save it to a hard drive and immediately put the camera back into the capture mode readying it for the next trigger, where the cycle will begin again until it is stopped by the user.
  • Synchronizing when speed counts
    with each tick of the servoclock. to perform a compare function, the processor writes the desire position into the compare register. When the position counter matches the compare register, the compare output triggers. For the capture function, an external trigger transfers the current value
  • High-Speed Videography Using a Dense Camera Array (.pdf)
    We demonstrate a system for capturing multi-thousand frame-per-second (fps) video using a dense array of cheap 30fps CMOS image sensors. A benefit of using a camera array to capture high-speed video is that we can scale to higher speeds by simply adding more cameras. Even at extremely high frame
  • Process Optimization Reality Checks
    application), for example, a biopharmaceutical company may perform limited testing of protein A chromatography capture resins, which cost $10,000 per liter. If the BLA states that the resin will be recycled 10 times, and the company subsequently discovers that the $200,000 column can safely be used 30 times
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    inspection modes, the systems can be used in a variety of process applications for both logic and memory production. They also have effective pattern-filtering and noise-suppression capabilities, which provide improved defect-signal capture on critical etch layers in memory applications. (Semicon West

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