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  • Research: Assembly alternatives for wiring harnesses in vehicle dashboards.

    Today the most popular accessories in a new car are the electronic devices. However it is these vehicle instruments which drive up the cost and weight of a vehicle. Weight, because the conventional wiring harnesses have increased so much in volume and costs because automatic alignment and assembly

  • A line on a new wiring protocol for vehicles LIN

    " or "mechanical " time. The spec is the work of European automakers that include Audi AG, BMW AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Volkswagen AG, and VolvoCar Corp., as well as Motorola Inc. and Volcano Communications Technologies AB. In the digitally connected car, commands on a LIN go over a serial bus instead of through

  • Automotive Engine Hot Test (.pdf)

    A Chinese car manufacturer required a fully automatic engine hot test system for 100% production test. Hot Testing was desired to provide customer engine max power, torque, and to see if the thermo-start open or not. Multiple models needed to be supported, including 2 different intake manifold, 2

  • Wire Capacity Chart

    that are unusually hot (such as in an attic or in an engine compartment) may need similar de-ratings. If both situations are encountered together (bundled wires in an unusually hot environment) then you need to de-rate for both factors and the capacity is further reduced. In a car, almost all wiring is run

  • Corona & Testing - Who, What, When, Where & Why

    on, then it is probably arcing and this can be visible a mile away with a daytime corona camera. The AM radio in your car or truck tuned where there is no radio station and adjust the volume for comfort, then drive into the radio interference complaint area and listen for the loudest pole. Some noises can be outside

  • Giving electrical connectors the slip

    corrosion on connectors. Corrosion generates resistive oxides on the connectors, which causes intermittent faults and electrical failure. So the challenge for connector manufacturers is to extend the operating life of their products as more are used on each car and car companies continue to extend

Discussions about Car Wiring Diagrams
  • Re: Wiring Diagram For 95 Chevy Blazer For Blower Motor

    Is it full size? Is it 2wd or 4wd? Did you look anywhere first? Download Free Automotive Wiring Diagrams Free Automotive basic wiring diagrams are available free for domestic and asian vehicles. Some european wiring diagrams are available also. GET AN ONLINE REPAIR ...

  • Re: Need Help with a '97 Trans Am

    Funny, as I was thinking about your problem this morning, I thought I should have suggested looking for the wiring diagram on the relays, and testing them. (No, I haven't been obsessing over your Trans Am all this time, but you know how things just pop into your head? ) Usually, but not always, th...

  • Re: Sizing a Resistor for a Kenwood Car Amplifier

    This doesn't sound right. The standby power input is usually 12V for a car amplifier and resistors are not needed. Download the manual for the car amplifier off the internet for a correct wiring diagram.

  • Re: Need Help with a '97 Trans Am

    One thing nobody has mentioned is the air-conditioner bypass. I am assuming your car is air-conditioned when I say this but in most vehicles whenever the air-conditioner compressor is running they have some sort of control that bypasses the temperature sensor and runs all the fans flat out. Normally...

  • Wiring Diagram Suzuki Alto

    We have suzuki alto car model 1990, and facing some problems in wiring,so i need the diagram of my car, Munawer Hussain, 20jan2011, karachi, Pakistan...

  • Re: AVR Circuiit for Automobile Alternators

    This would be designed for a specific is a general idea...

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