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  • The Myth of Cutting Tool Cost
    . In cutting tools, this decision is often deterred by the idea of costs. However, the cost of cutting tools should only be a small portion of determining your shop's machining productivity. Whether you are using very expensive cutting tools or lower-cost insert technology, it is the productivity
  • Precision Cutting Tool Manufacturer Depends on Mitsubishi
    cost savings. "Previously we would get a flaky cutting edge when using carbide, but with the advent of the AE power supply, tool life jumped, " explained Kellerson. "You can now do almost anything on a Wire EDM. ". Kellerson said the company's manufacturing costs have decreased significantly since
  • Carbide Grade Descriptions
    . GA-5036 should be used when. feeds. Well suited for turning of steel rolls. E. milling forged and cast steels and selected ductile irons. D. GA-5036 has a unique combination of toughness and heat. I. resistance making it suitable for heavy- and light-duty. B. milling at high cutting speeds. R. GA-5040
  • How to Select an IRAX Carbide Bur
    increasing the life of your spindle bearings. When grinding, use just enough pressure to keep the bur cutting. WARNING: DO NOT. BEAR DOWN. Excessive pressure will slow down the spindle and result in damage to the cutting edges. The burs should be kept moving at all times to prevent the tool from digging
  • Ceramic Grade Descriptions
    . WG-300 is very effective at machining nickel and cobalt based super-alloys, and other hard materials at metal removal rates up to 10 times higher than carbide. WG-600 TM The only commercially available second-generation coated ceramic-composite cutting tool using whisker reinforcement. Excels
  • ZZ Wiper Geometry
    of inserts during HPC. IKS-PRO. iKs-Pro tec. TEC. High cutting values: IKS-PROTec. can be operated with process reli-. ability up to vc = 2000 m/min at f = 1.0 mm. Against wear of clamping element: The newly developed components guarantee. Moveable carbide pressure plate. optimum stability and clamping
  • Milling Nickel-based Alloys - Milling Heat Resistant Alloys
    cutter sizes. Feed. At the very best, a milling insert can only be cutting 50%. of each revolution if the path of cut is equal to the cutter. diameter. For this reason, it will always be necessary to. Width Of Cut. increase speed and reduce feed compared to the turning. recommendations in Figure 13
  • Chamfer Geometry
    iNserts. with IKS-PRO clamping system. with ZZ geometry. Solid. Solid. cNGX 120408 t - s - Do. sNGN 090408 t - s 85Z075. Chamfer. Insert with IKS-PRO notch. Chamfer. Width of the ZZ chamfer. clamping. Approach angle. WBN 115 AND WBN 120. 4. cUttiNG eDGes. tYpes of cUttiNG eDGes. SPK provides

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