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  • Low Speed Carbon Deposition Process for Hermetic Optical Fibers (.pdf)
    For optical fibers used in adverse environments, a carbon coating is frequently deposited on the fiber surface to prevent water and hydrogen ingression that lead respectively to strength degradation through fatigue and hydrogen-induced attenuation. The deposition of a hermetic carbon coating onto
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of hydrocarbons over a metal catalyst is a classical method that has been used to produce various carbon materials such as carbon fibers, filaments, etc. for over twenty years. Large amounts of CNTs can be formed by catalytic CVD of acetylene over Co and Fe catalysts
  • Reaction of Steam and Methane Over Novel YSZ -LaB6 Composites and Nickel-YSZ Cermets (.pdf)
    Current SOFC Ni-YSZ cermet anodes suffer from a number of problems when exposed to methane-containing fuels at typical operating temperatures. These include; carbon deposition, nickel sintering and poisoning by sulfur present in the methane supply; ultimately these processes result in degradation
  • MICRO: BEOL Equipment
    Gerald Beyer and Mieke Van Bavel, Research into deposition processes discusses the properties of atomic layer deposition TiN and tungsten-carbon-nitride films on different substrate materials in integrated stacks. nterconnects have been, are, and will continue to be a limiting factor
  • MICRO:May 98:Industry News:Order Desk
    SGS-Thomson will install an Ultima HDP-CVD Centura tool from Applied Materials in its Phoenix fab. The chipmaker will use the high-density plasma deposition system to manufacture advanced logic devices. Applied says the system can be used with a low-k and other materials in film applications
  • Materials Modeling and Simulation Case Studies
    Activity of Lanthanum-based Catalysts at The Dow Chemical Company Additive Design in Paint Formulation Adsorption Mechanism of Carbon Dioxide in Zeolites Application of Carbon Nanotubes as Electromechanical Sensors Atomistic Modeling of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD): Silicon Oxynitride Atomistic
  • Electron Radiation as an Indicator of Gold Nodule Defect during E-beam Evaporation
    Gold (Au) nodule defects are a common problem. during metal deposition by evaporation. Small Au spheres,. often referred to as spits in the semiconductor industry, can be. ejected from the molten source under certain conditions. If the. nodules land on the bottom electrode of a metal-insulator
  • Ceramic-Matrix Composites
    vapor deposition. A thick layer of silicon carbide is deposited on a thin fiber substrate of tungsten or carbon. Diameter of the final product is about 140 m. Although developed initially to reinforce aluminum and titanium matrices,

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