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  • Lightning Strike Protection for Carbon Fiber Aircraft
    . damage testing on a series of thin skinned honeycomb panels. using protective metal mesh materials. Damage assessments. were performed using ultrasonic and visual non-destructive. inspection methods. ./a856f2a3-c478-4fcc-bcea-45a582f0e686 Lightning Strike Protection. for Carbon Fiber Aircraft
  • Isomandrel Thermally Enhanced Mandrels for Filament Wound Pipes, Tubes and Fibre Reinforced Plastics
    Hollow composite tube or pipe sections are typically manufactured using a filament winding process. Rotating mandrels are covered with continuous strand glass or carbon fibers which are impregnated with an uncured resin generally an epoxy. After winding, the mandrel covered with the resin and fiber
  • Case Study - Activating Adhesives on Decorative Trims
    R-Tek Ltd -- supplier to the automotive industry -- chose infrared technology from Heraeus Noblelight to achieve perfect adhesion of decorative trims on the inside of motor vehicle door panels. They considered other technologies including hot air blowers, but selected carbon infrared technology
  • Supplier Reduces Weight of SMC Plastic Parts by > 25% (.pdf)
    carbonate. of months in inventory, resin formulated with the new smal er bubbles. content and replacing it with lower density fil ers. Fil er alternatives. continues to flow well and fill out molds dependably. We can achieve a. include carbon fiber, organic fil ers and nano particles. We find that 3M
  • Lighting Strike Test Results
    nacelle applications subjected to lightning strike effects, it has been an industry practice to use a series of external metal mesh products such as copper, aluminum,. phosphorous bronze wire interwoven with carbon, nickel coated interwoven carbon fiber, and nickel coated non-woven veils. Certain
  • Should Sheath Temperature Be Used in Assessing Suitability (.pdf)
    The typical heat tracing design is for a carbon steel pipe without any maximum temperature restriction on the fluid inside the pipe or the pipe itself. However, designs are sometimes needed for non-metallic pipes (plastic pipes), carbon steel pipes with liners, and for carbon steel pipes
  • Sewing lessons for aerospace engineers
    lighter. In aerospace, weight certainly matters. Every pound shaved away brings higher payload capacities or lower fuel costs. About a quarter of the Airbus A380 structure, for example, will be lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRPs). The parts include the central wing box, wing flaps
  • "What dreams may come "
    controls. Urge boasts a spun-aluminum roof that runs from the center console through the engine bay and aluminum, carbon-fiber composite construction. The quick-close manual top is made of canvas. Featured electronics include cell phone and MP3 player docks (cell phone acts as intelligent key to start

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