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  • It's a gas, gas, gas
    permeate the membrane, most of the nitrogen flows along the membrane fiber in a separate stream. Pressure-swing adsorption gas separation adsorbs oxygen over nitrogen using a carbon-molecular sieve (CMS). Gas cylinders and dewars are becoming relics thanks to the advent of gas-generation systems
  • Chemical Sensor Could Enable New Ways To Monitor Pollutants
    . They made the filter out of a zeolite, one of a family of porous minerals that are used as water softeners, and to create gasoline from crude oil. Zeolites are often called cage-like solids or molecular sieves, Dutta explained, because the solid form has tiny container-like structures that can capture
  • Medical Device Link . Development applications for membrane-bottom microwell plates
    is highly resistant to most solvents, but polysulfone is generally used for aqueous-based biological samples. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes are hydrophobic and highly resistant to solvents, acids, alkalides, and propellants. Finally, ultrafiltration membranes (molecular-weight cut-off filters
  • Zein --A Corn Compound With Diverse Valuable Uses
    . This evaluation included monitoring the effects of temperature and AC pore size and depth. His consideration of AC alternatives eventually led to his use of zeolites, which are silicate- or clay-based particles whose pores act as molecular sieves in which zein 's color and odor compounds are trapped during
  • Composition Variety Complicates Processing Plans for US Shale Gas
    heat. Another possible dehydration method is use of molecular sieves that contact the gas with a. solid adsorbent to remove the water. Molecular sieves can remove the water down to the extremely low levels required. for cryogenic separation processes. Distil ation uses the different boiling points
  • The Sorbead Quick Cycle Process for Simultaneous Removal of Water, Heavy Hydrocarbons and Mercaptans from Natural Gas
    facilities. Removal of Water, Heavy Hydrocarbons Mercaptans from Natural Gas, Sorbead Quick Cycle Process, Hydrocarbon Mercaptan Removal. About Us | Nitrogen Rejection & Removal | Carbon Dioxide CO2 Removal | N2 Rejection & CO2 Removal SPEC Plants. Molecular Gate Adsorption Systems Technology
  • Robust Vacuum Solutions in Biomass Processing (.pdf)
    . Dehydrated ethanol can be. leaking out is potentially very dangerous. used as transportation fuel. Ethanol dehydration typically. Irrespective of plant size, three phases of processing. uses vacuum in a pervaporation or molecular sieve. biomass feedstock [2] are considered: process. Other
  • Hydrate Inhibition with Methanol - A Review and New Concerns over Experimental Data Presentation
    . stream via regenerated glycol systems or molecular sieves is very effective. However, in some. cases it may not be cost effective to implement one of these methods. For those areas, the injection. of either ethylene glycol (EG) or methanol is typically the favorite of choice due to their inherent

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