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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
18100-16 Global Industrial Paderno - World Cuisine Not Provided Chef'S Knife, 6 1/4" Long, Steel And Carbon Alloy Forged Blade W/ Inert Plastic Handle - Min Qty 3
ASW-7916 Allied Electronics, Inc. JONARD INDUSTRIES Not Provided Wrench;Spanner;7/16in.,9/16in.;6.5in. Long;High Carbon Alloy Steel
SS4055 Radwell Crosby Group Inc Tools, Chain Hoist HOOK LATCH KIT 1-1/2-2TON CARBON STEEL 2-3TN ALLOY
1090045 Radwell Crosby Group Inc Tools, Chain Hoist HOOK LATCH KIT 1TON CARBON STEEL 1-1/2TON ALLOY
SS4055B Radwell Crosby Group Inc Tools, Chain Hoist HOOK LATCH KIT 3/4TON CARBON STEEL 1TON ALLOY

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  • Alloy Steel
    Steels that contain specified amounts of alloying elements -- other than carbon and the commonly accepted amounts of manganese, copper, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus -- are known as alloy steels. Alloying elements are added to change mechanical or physical properties. A steel is considered
  • Carbon Alloy Steel
    Steel - carbon or alloys have high carbon, hard drawn steel is used when resistance to abrasion and impact is required. Low carbon steel is frequently used in the manufacture of industrial wire cloth (wire mesh) screens due to its tensile strength and impact resistance. Low resistance to abrasion
  • Carbon Steel
    and ductility. For plain carbon steels, about 0.2 to 0.25% C provides the best machinability. Above and below this level, machinability is generally lower for hot-rolled steels. Standard wrought-steel compositions (for both carbon and alloy steels) are designated by an AISI or SAE four-digit
  • Technical Specifications of Carbon and Alloy Steels (JIS)
    This article displays the tensile strength, brinell hardness and carbon content of the most commonly selected steel used in Japan for the production of power transmission components.
  • Steels for strength and machinability
    worked, to various strength levels and used in severe environments. Two in particular, Custom 465 stainless and Project 70+ 15Cr-5Ni alloy, offer competitive advantages in strength and machining that could be useful in any industry that uses steel. Custom 465 stainless (S46500) is the strongest of all
  • HSLA Steel
    Those steel alloys known as high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steels provide increased strength-to-weight ratios over conventional low-carbon steels for only a modest price premium. Because HSLA alloys are stronger, they can be used in thinner sections, making them particularly attractive
  • Tool Steel & Tool Steel Supplier
    As the name implies, tool steel refers to a number of different high speed, carbon, and alloy steels that are used to make tools. Desirable features in tool steel include toughness, wear resistance, and strength at high temperatures. High speed steel is so-called because it is capable of cutting
  • Spring Steel
    Spring steel is any of a variety of steels that are normally of the high-carbon or alloy type. They are used in the manufacture of springs because of their high tensile properties. The type of spring steel used depends on the application and type of spring. They range from plain carbon grades
  • Stainless Steel
    grades are generally designated as either heat resistant or corrosion resistant. wrought stainless steel are classified in three groups: Carbon content is usually low (0.15% or less), and the alloys contain a minimum of 16% chromium with sufficient nickel and manganese to provide an austenitic

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