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  • CO2 Injection at Pepsi Plant Using Membrane Technology (.pdf)
    For the past 18 months, we have used a new, highly efficient membrane technology for beverage carbonation. Coupled with mass flow measurement and PLC control, we achieve straightline carbonation performance under typical filler start-stop conditions (slide #1). Accuracy is typically 0.25% of CO2
  • Gain-in-Weight Batching of Soft Drink Concentrate
    Soft drinks typically are comprised of water, carbonation, and a flavor concentrate in powder or syrup form. Limits on the shelf life of the end product lead manufacturers to produce and bottle drinks locally. Since the concentrates typically have a longer shelf life, they can be produced centrally
  • Improved Method for CO2 Measurements
    CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a critical ingredient in beer, soft drinks and other beverages. The traditional. method of determining carbonation by measuring the total pressure overestimates the amount. of CO2 in the drink due to the presence of other gases, resulting in consumers experiencing. a flat
  • Miniature fittings enhance airline beverage service
    , tea, and water. It's powered by a cylinder of CO gas similar to those used to supply oxygen in the event of cabin decompression. The cart carries soda syrup in recyclable plastic bottles. Chilling carbonated water and syrup below 40?F before pouring over ice enhances carbonation. Beverage-dispensing

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