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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SINGLE CARD GUIDE National Microchip ZRICHA IND. Not Provided Not Provided
500-0525BV/CARD GUIDE/ESF National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
DC-450 CARD GUIDE ASAP Semiconductor BIVAR Not Provided Not Provided
BR27-1 Digi-Key Vector Electronics Boxes, Enclosures, Racks CARD GUIDE FOR 4.25" PC BOARDS
CG2-50P Digi-Key Vector Electronics Boxes, Enclosures, Racks CARD GUIDE PLASTIC SCREW 12PCS
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  • USB User Guide
    was a daunting task. Most PC 's came equipped with at most two serial ports and one parallel port. If you needed to connect anything beyond a mouse and a printer, it would require opening up the computer and installing an expansion card. USB was designed to eliminate these expansion problems from the onset
  • DeviceNet TM Power Guide (.pdf)
    about 3.2 mA of current flowing through the contact when it is closed. This. current is included in the station’s 100 mA budget). The output indicators on the pendant. draw 40 mA each. 100 mA + 8 x 40 mA = 420 mA. - 1747 SDN Scanner card draws 90 mA from DeviceNet power. Step 4) Fill out a table
  • Translation Guide
    The guide contains the latest updates on Dual Supply Level Translators for push-pull buffered and open drain applications, application-specific translators for memory card applications and new packaging options.
  • Beginners Guide to Cellular Technology
    as SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards. By swapping out the SIM card, users can painlessly switch phones or providers. For this and other reasons, GSM is enormously popular and well-supported throughout the world, making it particular suited for international roaming. However, the 850 MHz
  • Performance Data - Clamping Force
    ) upon first actuation. All guides were torqued to the recom-. This group of card quides uses the inherent spring force to capti-. mended value of 115 in-oz unless otherwise indicated. Values are. vate circuit cards during shock and vibration. Most economical. for a single guide. All surfaces were
  • USB Mass Storage Device Reference Design Programmer's Guide
    . Interface. SD /. MMC. CompactFlash. Memory. Memory Card. Card. AB5 Memory Expansion Board. Figure 2. USB MSD RD Hardware Block Diagram. 2. Rev. 0.1. AN282. 3. USB MSD Reference Design Firmware Overview. The USB MSD RD firmware consists of many distinct blocks that work together. The overall system
  • Point Grey USB 3.0 FAQ & Practical Guide to Machine Vision
    existing USB 3.0 performance by introducing a 10 Gbps USB 3.0 specifcation. The new specificationwill double the existing USB. 3.0 data rate while maintaining backward compatibility. In one streaming test, two Flea3 cameras (1328x1048 camera at 120fps) connected to a single $60 USB 3.0 interface card
  • RFID Tag and COB Development Guide with Microchip's RFID Devices
    for ISO cards which need. wafers. Their Q factor is greater than 100 at. to meet the ISO card standard thickness (0.76 mm). 13.56 MHz. The capacitance tolerance results in. specification, typical thickness of the COB is approxi-. variations in the read range between tags. Therefore, if. mately 0.4 mm

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