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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CARD READER3 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
(UHR2060 CARD READER + HDD) National Microchip PCB FOR ( Not Provided Not Provided
3S4YR-HNR4U ASAP Semiconductor READER Not Provided SWIPE CARD
6011 ASAP Semiconductor READER Not Provided CARD
5953438-1 Heilind Electronics, Inc. TE CONNECTIVITY Connector SMART CARD READER THRU HOLE RA
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  • Hotel Security Card Readers Use Reed Sensors (.pdf)
    Card readers have come under increased use in hotels and a host of other card detection activities. With the dramatic increase in use, the quality and reliability have become big factors in shaping the technology used for card detection. Furthermore, power requirements can play an important role
  • Credit Card Reader Using PIC12C509
    Many people carry one or more magnetically encoded cards with them for accessing a range of services. Perhaps the most common example is the credit card or bank ATM card, but increasingly they are being used for access control, employee time logging, customer loyalty schemes, club membership
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
    used for encoding information on magnetic stripes, and many different types of card readers available. This design demonstrates a swipe-type reader that reads Track 1 and Track 2 of cards encoded using the ISO/IEC-7811 standard.
  • Smart Computing Article - From The Photo Files
    A memory card reader, such as this CompactFlash reader by SanDisk, can make image transfer from a card to a Many users eventually turn to card readers for transferring images to a PC. There are several benefits to using a card reader. First, card readers do not require batteries; a card reader
  • EIP Application in Registration Machine (.pdf)
    performance and low cost products as well as trusted after-sales service to hospitals. Here we would like to recommend you a complete EVOC hardware platform solution for automatic registration machine. Automatic registration machine consists of main computer, touch screen, display, card reader
  • Retail Gasoline Distribution / Point of Sale
    The pumps at some Gilbarco and BP gas stations used a current loop circuit to determine how much gasoline was dispensed. The credit card readers and key pads used serial communications (RS-485). The challenge was to create a single device that would convert all of this disparate data to Ethernet so
  • The Intelligent Approach to Physical Security
    A large facility needed to monitor and control access at multiple remote entrances. There would be multiple devices at each remote location, like card readers and video cameras. Because of the distances involved, device data and video collected at the remote locations would have to be converted
  • Combi Chips
    for public transportation among many other applications. In short, users only have to carry one card. Since these contactless combi chips do not require a reader, they are composed of a serial interface for the computer and an antenna to connect to the card. Readers for contactless smart cards may or may
  • Implementing a Mass Storage Device Using the Microchip USB Device Firmware Framework
    USB devices are now part a daily life for many people throughout the world. Removable USB hard drives, USB memory sticks (thumb drives), multi-card readers and many digital cameras appear as a new disk drive when they are plugged into the USB port of a computer. These devices all use the Mass
  • Computer Power User Article - PC Modder
    desktop chassis with hidden front-panel USB and FireWire connectivity and a 7-in-1 card reader. An LCD display on the front is backlit in blue, relaying CPU fan speed, processor temperature, date, time, and

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