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Further benefits of AFT's SimAudit can be demonstrated through a series of case studies. MULTI-LAYER CARDBOARD MACHINE This mill has a multi-layer cardboard machine that produces approximately 240 tons of box board per day. A detailed audit of the screening system revealed that the screens...

...but beware of designers who use these tools for creating software interfaces. Instead, try to find a design firm with product, rather than software, experience. Computer-Aided Industrial Design (CAID) Rendering. The CAID rendering process involves using software to create a product as a 3-D model... at all of these frequencies, " he said. Also, he said, the day will come when RFID tags are not applied like a label but are integrated into the material of cardboard boxes, or into the ink printed on them. "The benefits of that are that it will cost less than sticking a label...

...onto white, nonreturnable spools that are protected by a plastic film and packed in a white cardboard box. Additives Boost Polyurethane Strength, Conductivity. Increased material strength, along with thermal conductivity, is also an attribute of nanoscale additives developed by Zyvex Corp. (Richardson...

...condition. The wire is wound onto white, nonreturnable spools that are protected by a plastic film and packed in a white cardboard box. Additives Boost Polyurethane Strength, Conductivity. Increased material strength, along with thermal conductivity, is also an attribute of nanoscale additives developed...

...of the colorants (dyes and pigments) typically used in formatting (including inkjet printing). These four colors are used to create all colors in this type of digital image. Color Matching System. A system of computer software, display hardware, cardboard color wheels, and color filters. Used together...

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  • Situational Method Engineering: Fundamentals and Experiences
    involving copying the software on distributable medium, printing handbooks, and designing a cardboard box with a selling cover.
    b. production of stationery and related services: cards, brochures, books, menus; cardboard production (stratified or boxes ), paper and cardboard office supplies c. IT production and services: reparation/maintenance hard/soft, assembly/ recycling equipment, communications, webpage administration/ design , software (games included .
  • Think piece [history of computing]
    One cannot know whether the drug would still be potent in 100 years, but it is unlikely that would interest historians—what might interest them is the packing technology, the graphical design on the cardboard box , and the accompanying prod- uct literature. We must view preserving software similarly— worry less about the bit patterns and more about the surrounding...
    The Buck method is based on tethering a functional product model to a PC for user testing of physical controls in conjunction with interface software [5], and the IE system uses micro... ...interactive experience within hours of an initial design sketch [1]. The same principle, in more rudimentary form and focussed on cardboard prototypes, has been adopted in the BOXES system [4].
  • Internet of things in the Intralogistik
    These restrictions can be dealt in one real insert case, while either to be used RFID day with larger capacity or a software agent for the pallet is programmed that provides detailed informations for the Palettier pattern . • becomes it automatically so many generates Depalettieraufträge, how are present container or cartons on the pallet.
    cardboard prototypes, has been adopted in the BOXES system [46]. In common with these approaches, our tool facilitates linkage between physical model and software parts of a design , but on the physical side with a richer set of controls (beyond switches and touch sensors), and on the software side focused on extension...
  • New packaging for Microsoft’s Mac software decidedly ‘green’
    Microsoft's new plastic package for its "Office 2001: Mac" software — expected to arrive in stores in October — is a model of "green" packaging design . It is reduced, weighing one-fourth of what the old cardboard box weighed, and reusable, and it contains 50% postconsumer resin.
  • Automatic system for corrugated and cardboard boxes rotary cutting die rule preparation
    Abstract-This document describes design and implementationof an automated environment for a rule cutting machine in the fabrication of rotary cutting dies for corrugated and cardboard boxes . ...steps involved begin with the processing of the data obtained from the CAD program of die design . The hardware, and software tools associated to its development, are explained, as it is the control program...
  • CR4 - Thread: Material thickness pressure vessels take you through one for the first time, because whatever is being designed may have client... There are some software packages out there too. Don't need 'em for cardboard boxes .
  • HCI International 2013 - Posters’ Extended Abstracts
    ...College Park and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology’s Centre for User Oriented IT Design to create room... They emphasize children as authors rather than only participants and attempt to make accessible StoryRooms through the creation of StoryKits [2], a low-cost package of low-tech elements (such as cardboard boxes or Legos) and high-tech story elements (such as... ...3] is a real-time immersive interactive storytelling system that uses CaveUT [4] software based on a...
  • Ecological Interfaces for Improving Mobile Robot Teleoperation
    3) Experiment Design : This experiment was setup as a within-subjects user study where each participant used... An additional eight subjects used a real Pioneer 2 DXe robot (with camera, laser range finder, sonar, and in-house control software ) in an empty laboratory environment that was filled with cardboard boxes and was more than 700 m from the operator.
  • Strontium-90 and caesium-137 activity concentrations in bats in the Chernobyl exclusion zone
    We used a specially designed gamma- and beta- spectro- metric system installed in a mobile field laboratory... The spectrometric system (see Fig. 2) comprised: (a) A counting chamber (1a),1 shielded by 100–150-mm- thick lead walls (1b) with a drawer (internal dimensions 100 9 300 9 100 mm) (1c) into which a cardboard box containing the animal was... ’ software (Institute of Nuclear Research, Ukraine); and (e) An InSpector multichannel analyzer with the GENIE-2000...
  • Intralogistik
    Kaizen 24 Kammsorter 145 carton bearings 176 Kennzahl 264 core competence 49 core competence 61 tilting element 144 tilting element 145... ...goods of 25 Kontrakt logistics 63 cooperations 60 cost saving potential 64 cost management 48 cost model 262, 265 cost accounting... ...production process (KOVP) 185 information orientation, - wish, - allocation 80 customer satisfaction 167 plastic containers 173 couriers, expresses... ...mounting organization 196 mounting parametrierung 196 storage place management 196, 197, 203 mounting software 170 storage systems...
  • Practical Grey-box Process Identification
    Control design and investigations will then absorb the other 20 – 30% of the project time; thus, it is perhaps a... ...published on the formal procedures and tools for performing these developmental modelling tasks compared with the provision of simulation software tools. of Torsten Bohlin reported in his new Advances in Industrial Control monograph, Practical Grey- box Identification. ...continuous pulp digestion, cement milling, an industrial recovery boiler process (pulp production process unit) and cardboard manufacturing.