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  • Induced Grid Noise and Noise Factor
    V. MEASUREMENTS An experimental check on the above work was car- ried out by a series of extremely careful measurements at 45 mc on a number of vhf triode and triode-con- nected tube... first tube in a cascode arrangement.
  • Amperex datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    ...Amperex ECC2000 premium quality, long-life, shock vibration resistant dual triode amplifier frequencies cascode circuits without external... AMPEREX TUBE TYPE ECC2000 TENTATIVE DATA The Amperex ECC2000 is a premium quality, long-life, shock and vibration resistant dual triode for use as a VHF amplifier for frequencies up to 300 Mc in ..
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    The RCA-6BQ7medium-mu twin triode is intended primarily for use as the first RF amplifier in VHF tuners, or as a low- noise IF pre-amplifier in UHF television receivers employing a crystal mixer. capacitance, the RCA- 6BQ7 gives especial advantages in driven grounded-grid or cascode -type circuits.
  • News-New Products tube, the 6BK7, has a noise factor of seven db as a cascode amplifier at 216... Intended primarily for cascode service in vhf reception, the 6BK7 may also be used as a low... Design features of the 6BK7 include a shield between the triode sections and high transconductance to improve...
  • A BiCMOS low-voltage transconductor for VHF continuous time filters
    High-swing cascode current inirrors MP7-MP10 ...complicated have been used in order to achieve a large output swing With Recently, author [IO] has presented a CMOS low-voltage matched M4 and M5 in the triode region, the output current... ...voltage transconductor suitable for VHF application is proposed to...
  • A low-voltage BiCMOS transconductor with improved linearity for VHF continuous-time filters
    The MOS devices MNI-MN3 are biased in their triode region by cascode bipolar transistors. In this kind of BiCMOS triode transconductor, the main nonlinearity errors of the transconductor are caused by... In this paper, a low-voltage BiCMOS transconductor suitable for VHF continuous-time filters is proposed to...
  • Highly linear CMOS triode transconductor for VHF applications
    ...Technology, iWAT, 2009, pp. 1–4 13 Zheng, Y., Saavedra, C.E.: ‘Feedforward-regulated cascode OTA for gigahertz... ...Circuits Conf., Taiwan, November 2009, pp. 37–40 15 Stefanelli, B., Kaiser, A.: ‘CMOS triode transconductor with high... ...Szczepanski, S., Jakusz, J., Schaumann, R.: ‘A linear fully balanced CMOS OTA for VHF filtering applications’, IEEE...
  • The 2001 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
    with MOSFET- Triode Transconductors VHF Current-Mode Filter Based On Intrinsic Biquad of the Regulated Cascode Topology .
  • VHF and UHF Television Receiving Equipment
    The transcon- ductance of the cascode triodes was measured in a se- ries-cascode connection with Gm of the input section being measured and recorded. 2) VHF oscillator mixers (data in Table VI).
  • A low-voltage BiCMOS transconductor with improved linearity for VHF transconductance-C filters
    with the input voltage is caused by the v,,modulation effect of the cascode bipolar transistors, while... In this paper a low-voltage BiCMOS transconductor suitable for VHF ~ansconductance-C filters is proposed to... ...based on using translinear cross-coupled quad circuit [I41 to bias the input triode -operated MOS devices.