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  • Description: ; is a dull gray color that blends well with pressure treated lumber and many man-made decking materials. It also helps prevent unsightly stains and streaks on decking boards. Made of case hardened 1022 carbon steel, they offer exceptional strength andunequaled holding power. They have

    • Inch: # 10
    • Length: 3.5 inch
    • Drive Type: Philips / Frearson

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  • Description: . Operations . Quench and Temper . Tool Steel Hardening . Carburizing . Solution Treatments . Carbonitriding . Precision Straightening . Normalizing . Precipitation Hardening . Annealing . Laboratory Services . Stress Relieving

    • Heat Treating Processes: Annealing, Austempering, Carbonitriding, Carburizing, Case Hardening, Conventional Hardening (Quench & Temper), Martempering, Normalizing, Precipitation Hardening / Aging, Preheating / Weld Preheat, Shot Peening / Blasting, Solution Treating, Stress Relieving
    • Equipment Capability: Furnace, Salt Bath
    • Services Offered: Development Assistance, Finishing / Coating, Grinding / Machining, Laboratory Testing & Inspection, Packaging, Straightening, Trucking / Shipping
    • Regional Preference: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

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  • Description: and recirculation muffle provide excellent temperature and gas uniformity. The furnace is extremely responsive and controllable allowing, for instance, very shallow case depths in carbonitriding, previously obtainable only in cyanide salt bath furnaces. The vertical downloading is

    • Process Temperature: 1796 F
    • Height: 24 inch
    • Configuration: Top Loading
    • Atmosphere: Other

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  • Description: Tensile (up to 120,000 lbs.) Fatigue Testing and Fracture Toughess Bend Testing Bond Testing Compression Testing Impact Testing Charpy V-Notch Impact Testing Hardness Testing Jominy Hardenability Macrohardness Testing Rockwell Brinell Load Testing Standard Superficial

    • Capabilities: Chemical Testing Services, Cleanliness Monitoring / Testing, Deformulation / Reverse Engineering, Environmental Exposure Testing, Environmental Testing and Analysis Services, Failure Analysis, Field Sampling, Quality / Purity (Contamination - Alloys, Polymers, etc.), Reactivity (Corrosivity,
    • Materials: Adhesives / Sealants, Ceramics / Glass, Chemicals, Coatings, Composites, Gases, Inorganics, Metals, Nanomaterials, Plastic / Rubber, Polymers / Organics, Powders, Soil, Textiles, Thin Films / Plating, Toxins / Restrictive Substances, Wafers / Surfaces, Welds / Joints
    • Test Methods: Ash Testing / Filler Content, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), Chemical Extraction, Chromatography (GC, HPLC, etc.), Combustion Analysis, Diffraction (X-ray, Electron, etc.), Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP, LA-ICP, etc.), Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR, etc.), Mass Spectroscopy (RGA, etc.),
    • Test / Certify To: ASME, ASTM, AWS, EPA, MIL-SPEC, NIST, OEM Specific, Other

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  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    Uses: Fluoridation agent for municipal water; steel degassing reagent; wood preservative; insecticide; fungicide; rodenticide; chemical cleaning; electro- plating bath ingred.; glass mfg.; vitreous enamels; preservative for adhesives; disinfectant; case hardening salts ; dental prophylaxis, toothpaste; bonding agent for aluminum foil, stabilizer or preservative …
  • Handbook of Preservatives
    Uses: Fluoridation agent for municipal water; steel degassing reagent; wood preservative; insecticide; fungicide; rodenticide; chemical cleaning; electroplating bath ingred.; glass mfg.; vitreous enamels; preservative for adhesives; disinfectant; case hardening salts ; anti-caries active for dental care, toothpaste; antiseptic; bonding agent for aluminum …
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    Experienced in precious &base metal reclamation, molten sail heat treating, aluminum brazing, CVD of platinum &iridium, process and product development, molten salt case hardening , hydrometallurgy, equipment design, and hazardous waste treatment.
  • Selected abstracts of heat treating literature 1981
    56--0115 Current Status of Case Hardening In Salt Baths.
  • The air drying behaviour of shark fillets.
    Beyond 1.5 h of drying at 60°C, drying rates decreased dramatically possibly due to case hardening in salted fish.
  • Metals and Alloys Dictionary
    Series of case - hardening salt separable substances.
  • Bibliography and library cards
    Nitriding, sulfidizing, and case hardening in salt baths.
  • Application of a computerized information system for the selection of steels and their heat treatment technologies
    400 mm Case hardening or salt bath nitriding The following results may be expected from the practical utilization of the system of information on technologies of heat treatment.
  • Electric regeneration
    Concentrated cyanide solutions are discarded from spent electroplating baths, dips and stripping solutions; some spent case - hardening salts also contain cyanide.
  • Technical Dictionary: English - French
    : salt bath case hardening : - de trempe : quenching bath: - de zinc : spelter bath: -s, -s-douches (mines) : bath rooms. baisse de prix: prirce sinking. baisse de teneur : drop in grade.