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Parts by Number for Casing Head Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
06690557P0001 PLC Radwell General Electric Machine Parts, Assembly for Machine RING PACKING LP CASING AND HEAD FOR GE TURB
110KG-24 Global Industrial Keystone Adjustable Cap Company Inc Not Provided Keyguard ® Bouffant Cap/Head Covers, 100% Latex Free, White, 24", 50/Bag, 5 Bags/Case

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  • The Bucket Drilling Method
    For drilling with the bucket rig, groundwater must be at least 8-10 feet below existing grade or the drill rig needs to be ramped up to achieve 8-10 feet of head, which in some cases may require a surface casing. This makes the bucket drilling method a viable option in a variety of soil conditions
  • Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Uses MTI's Laser System to Improve Torque Converter Design
    to be able to provide information under varying torque and pressure loads to accurately determine the performance under dynamic conditions. Since minute defects in the torque converter casing wall thickness can result in unacceptable and dangerous torque converter expansion, a precision measurement
  • Centura Oil Stimulates Methane Wells with Waterjet
    . Click images to enlarge. The CenJet 90® waterjet cutting head is deployed to a predetermined depth where it perforates the payzone and increases a well's area of influence, increasing productivity and extending the well's life. Courtesy Centura Oil Inc. Typical slot cut in casing and cement
  • Pump Basics
    coupling. When the liquid enters the pump-casing, the impeller (fed by the motor) projects the fluid to the periphery of the pump-casing in virtue of the centrifugal force produced by the impeller's speed: in this way the liquid stores (potential) energy that will be transformed into flow rate and head
  • Sensor Sense: Cylinder-Position Sensors
    sensors detect its position through the metal casing. Magnetic sensors detect the presence of magnetic fields using numerous sensing techniques. Magnetic-inductive (MI) technology was the dominant method for many years. However, within the last 10 years magnetoresistive (MR) sensing technology has
  • Medical Device Link .
    that are housed in a ceramic casing, whereby the ceramic protects the electronics and also acts to conduct the device 's radio-frequency waves. In the last few years, these applications have undergone a process of increasing customization. In the medical implantables sector, most companies have
  • Monitoring Equipment: Specifying the Right Equipment, Installing and Maintaining it (.pdf)
    , heat generated by the belt rubbing against the elevator casing, and heat. generated by bearing failure. Belt Slip: Bucket elevators consisting of two pulleys and a belt are capable of generating dangerous amounts of heat. during belt slip. Belt slip on the head pulley can occur when the belt
  • How Steel Web Elevator Belt & SJ Buckets Enhance the Performance of Bucket Elevators (.pdf)
    traditionally uses large casing dimensions, large cumbersome elevator. buckets, which are pitched apart at quite a large distance. Chain operates at quite low speed (1.3. m/s), due to frictional and noise problems, which has a net result of limiting the case size. Also. high strength, large construction chain
  • Optimizing Existing Designs through Cost-Effective Simulation - How CFD Simulation Provides Pump Manufacturers with a Virtual Test Facility
    a prototype, it is still much more expensive. Geometry of a typical casing, impeller, and cutter bar assembly for. than the cost of building the virtual model and running the. a centrifugal pump with a chopping action between the impeller. simulation. In fact, such good performance testing correlation
  • Medical Device Link .
    carries the fluid from the inlet to the outlet of the pump. In a gear pump, for example, two meshing gears rotate in a closed cavity with minimal clearance between the gear teeth and the pump casing. Fluid captured between each tooth and the casing at the inlet port is carried to the outlet port

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