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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BX13J4G300LS51 PLC Radwell Watlow Not Provided CAST-X 2000 CIRCULATION HEATER
BX17E6G300MW2K PLC Radwell Watlow Not Provided CAST-X 3000 CIRCULATION HEATER
BX8L4M200AWK100 PLC Radwell Watlow Not Provided CAST-X 1000 CIRCULATION HEATER

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  • Using Power Resistors as Heaters
    one of our standard wire-wound power resistors into a custom case. This approach provides a low-cost alternative to special cast-in heater designs. Our custom capability is somewhat unique. Riedon focuses on small to moderate volume resistor requirements, as contrasted to the high volume "commodity
  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    ). Applications include residential and commercial gas furnaces, humidifiers, water heaters, gas-fired food service equipment, and hydrogen fuel cells. Microsoft Word - Premix Gas Blowers2.doc ebm-papst, Inc. Page 1. NEW GENERATION OF. monitoring, optical isolation of AC. PREMIX GAS BLOWERS
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Custom-designed machines are built to manufacture production volumes within eight weeks. Quick-turnaround prototyping is also provided. A full-spectrum service bureau specializes in rapid prototyping. The firm offers rapid prototypes ranging from stereolithography (SLA) models and cast-metal prototypes
  • Solving for heat, stress, flow, and more
    . ( This first example is a multiphysics problem solved as a sequence of single-physics steps. A U-shaped stainless-steel tube cast in a ceramic block has a surface heater bonded to one face. Find the temperature increase in water passing through the tube, as well as the thermal expansion stresses
  • Causes for Off-Colored Black Oxide Finishes
    heaters or hot gas flues are used which scorch the solution. This can be. overcome by adding a stirrer to the solution to increase movement during heating or by. an increase in the number of electric immersion heaters. If the tank is heated with a hot. gas flue, the area of the flue running through
  • Medical Device Link .
    them into sharp corners and ribs. Pressure used during the process can be 2 atm or greater, depending on the material, depth of draw, detail, and other factors. As tools get larger, pressure forming becomes relatively more economical (see Figure 1). Most pressure forming tools are cast, fabricated
  • Medical Device Link .
    opening more than one diameter long will accomplish both. Screw and barrel. This combination must take the polymer (which for tubing is normally in pellet form) and convey, melt, mix and meter it into the die. A barrel made from tool steel, with a liner cast into it that has the proper composition so
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    from aluminum because of the metal's relatively high thermal conductivity and low cost. They are either extruded, stamped, bonded, cast, or machined to achieve a shape that will maximize surface area, facilitating the absorption of heat by the surrounding cooler air. Most have a fin or pin design

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