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  • Investment Casting Molds
    Handling Procedure: Investment casting molds in a "cup up" orientation are gripped and picked from an incoming cart, the molds are then transferred away from the cart and filled with water for leak testing, after testing is completed the molds are inverted 180º to our the water out. After water has
  • Centrifugal Casting
    In centrifugal casting, a permanent mold is rotated about its axis at high speeds as the molten metal is poured. The molten metal is centrifugally thrown towards the inside mold wall, where it solidifies. The casting is usually a fine grain casting with a very fine-grained outer diameter, which
  • Investment Casting
    Investment casting patterns are molded by the injection of a special wax into a metal die. The patterns are assembled into a cluster around a wax runner system. The 'tree' of patterns is then coated with 8-10 layers of a refractory material. The assembly is heated to remove the wax. The hot mold
  • Permold Casting Tutorial (.pdf)
    The Permold process, also known as Gravity Die-Casting, produces large number of castings via a non-destructible, metal mold. Specifically, molten metal is poured into a passageway leading to the part cavity whereupon solidifying, it is ejected from the Permold.
  • Two-part Casting Resin
    Two-part casting resins are plastic or elastomer compounds used to cast parts, molds or form a structure in place. They are available in the form of spray foams, "froth-packs", and A + B pourable foams. Two-part casting resins usually consist of two part (A+B) systems that are cast into open molds
  • Faster, more predictable die casting
    deburring or chasing. Similarly, uniform wall thicknesses in a design distribute stresses more evenly. And precision tooling used in hot-chamber die casting helps eliminate secondary finishing or machining -- net-shape parts exit the mold "flash-free. " Net-shape manufacturing is one of the main
  • Graphite Mold Casting Process Proves "Picture Perfect" for High-Tech Camera-Housing (.pdf)
    A Graphicast customer describes the steps followed to successfully employ the graphite mold casting process.
  • An example of mold tolerances
    This housing for a heavyduty portable magnetic drill weighs 7.16 lb and is highly cored to reduce the material removed during secondary machining. Permanent-mold casting is said to easily mold this complicated double helix, 83-lb auger mechanism for a juicing machine. Secondary finishing gives

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