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  • Investment Casting Molds
    Handling Procedure: Investment casting molds in a "cup up" orientation are gripped and picked from an incoming cart, the molds are then transferred away from the cart and filled with water for leak testing, after testing is completed the molds are inverted 180ยบ to our the water out. After water has
  • Diaper Tape Rolls
    ShroudsIngotInvestment Casting MoldsMoldsSupport Plate and Molds Military & Defense AmmunitionCrankshaftsDiesel Engine Cylinder LinersEngine PinsFlywheel Housings & Fly WheelsGlass PanelsHT Converter HousingOil PanTire AssembliesWheel & Swing DrivesWheel Hubs Mining Conveyor Rollers Paper Abrasive
  • Medical Device Link .
    After proving the product design with a single model, multiple copies may be required for pilot manufacturing or beta site testing. Following are some possibilities to help make the transition to small batches of parts. Casting of Urethane Plastics for Copying Injection Moldings. Once
  • Medical Device Link .
    , sealing, and casting, as well as potting or encapsulating disposable and reusable medical devices. Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ, USA. UV- and light-cure adhesives. UV- and light-cure adhesives are suited for use with catheter and syringe assemblies, polycarbonate components, and medical optical parts
  • Magnetostriction: How It Works
    , with an accuracy on the order of microns. Over 1 million are in use today in industrial applications ranging from saw mills, injection molding and casting to petrochemical and pharmaceutical level control to off-road construction and agricultural machine control (see Figure 1). Recently, the cost
  • Medical Device Link .
    they generated the greatest number of requests for information from readers. In essence, each time a reader fills out one of the bound-in Reader Service cards or uses our online , he or she is casting a ballot for a company or product. With this issue, this year 's results are in. The longer
  • Defect-free Sintering of Two Material Powder Injection Molded Components (Part 1)
    casting to produce functionally graded components with a control of the microstructure and mechanical properties.
  • MPMN June 2001 - Hotline
    want the feel of the real thing, he adds. "Previously this meant machining parts, investment casting, and sand casting, processes that take more time and that have constraints. With the sintering process, we can provide multiple iterations in less time," says McCarthy. Karim Marouf. For more