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  • Autoclaves and Sterilizers-Image
    Autoclaves and Sterilizers - (275 companies)
    Autoclaves are used for applications requiring constant pressure and temperature for long periods of time. Common applications include the sterilization of instruments and polymerization of rubbers and plastics. Autoclaves are used for applications...
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  • Vacuum Controllers-Image
    Vacuum Controllers - (40 companies)
    Vacuum controllers monitor and control vacuum levels for process equipment such as vacuum furnaces, autoclaves, and coating machines. They provide stable and repeatable control of process chamber pressure for applications such as etching...
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  • Medical Cable Assemblies-Image
    Medical Cable Assemblies - (74 companies)
    Many are designed with a high degree of flexibility to avoid kinking, and temperature-resistance to withstand autoclave sterilization. Some are disposable. How to Select Medical Cable Assemblies. Medical cable assemblies are designed to connect...
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  • Biological Indicators-Image
    Biological Indicators - (40 companies) such as bandages and food stuffs such as spices. Dry-heat sterilization uses an oven to raise the temperature of items that are wrapped in foil or fabric. Steam sterilization uses an autoclave, a self-locking machine that sterilizes its contents...
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  • Nuts-Image
    Nuts - (1308 companies) it can be clipped to sheet metal. Locking Nuts. Image credit: Fastenal. Castle nuts have slots parallel to the nut axis. Safety wire or a cotter pin threaded through the slots holds the nut in place. Image credit: U.S. Industrial Fasteners...
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    Test Equipment and Instrument Repair Services - (413 companies)
    Test equipment and instrument repair services test and repair industrial equipment and instruments. They specialize in the test and repair of acoustic and vibration equipment, electrical and electronic test equipment, laboratory equipment and instruments, inspection instruments or non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, or specialty testing equipment and instruments.
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    Cement, Concrete, and Mortar - (632 companies)
    Cement, concrete and mortar are polymer or cement-based binders, compounds or aggregate mixtures for joining components and forming structures.
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    Acoustic Enclosures - (141 companies)
    Acoustic enclosures are full chambers, enclosures, or rooms designed to attenuate or minimize acoustical noise.
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    Vacuum Bagging and Infusion Equipment - (20 companies)
    Vacuum bagging equipment and vacuum infusion equipment is used during the manufacture of fiberglass and composite parts to remove air voids and better infuse the reinforcing cloth with resin.
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    Concrete Blocks and Cement Blocks - (188 companies)
    Concrete blocks and cement blocks are preformed, manufactured concrete structures that are ready for on-site installation. They are manufactured, cast, and cured in factories or other production facilities.
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