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  • Fluid Handling Achieve optimum centrifugal pump performance Food Processing
    Centrifugal process pumps often must perform in hostile and stressful operating conditions. As a result, the likelihood of their premature failure increases over time raising risks of incurring considerable costs and lost productivity from downtime. With pressures mounting to achieve better pump
  • Pump Basics
    The most important characteristic of a centrifugal pump is that of converting energy from a source of motion (the motor) first into speed (or kinetic energy) and then into pressure energy. A pump's role is in fact to confer energy to the pumped liquid (energy later transformed into flow rate
  • When to Use PD Pumps (Copyright Viking Pump, Inc.)
    When to use a centrifugal or a Positive Displacement pump ("PD Pump") is not always a clear choice. To make a good choice between these pump types it is important to understand that these two types of pumps behave very differently. Flow rate versus pressure By looking at the performance chart
  • Which Pump Is Right for Me? Pushing Through a Host of Factors to Select the Right Pump
    in performance to all 6-inch pumps. Even if the customer was a little more specific and stated 1,000 gallons per minute at 150 foot head, this is still not enough information to completely determine which pump is proper for the application. For instance, if a typical end suction centrifugal pump is rented from
  • Applying Inverters to Centrifugal Compressors in HVAC Chillers (.pdf)
    When applying an inverter to centrifugal compressors on HVAC chillers, there are a number of factors to consider. For some compressors, lubricating oil circulation may be driven by the rotation of the compressor shaft itself, via a gear-driven pump arrangement. If you slow the motor speed
  • Submersible Pumps vs. Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
    Vacuum-assisted, non-clog centrifugal. pumps are the most commonly used pumps. for bypasses, because they are capable of. handling large amounts of liquids and solids. and have an air-handling capability. Submersibles are centrifugal pumps. with a motor directly attached to it in a. common housing
  • Adjustable Speed Drives as Applied to Centrifugal Pumps
    . Centrifugal pumps are generally sized to operate at or near the best efficiency point at maximum flow. The maximum flow requirements, however, frequently occur for a very short period during the operating cycle with the result that some method of flow control is required. The traditional approach to flow
  • Pumping Efficiencies Into Oil & Gas
    Efficient, versatile, reliable centrifugal-pump technology can play a crucial role in many applications within the United States' new "Golden Era" of oil-and-gas
  • Controllers with Pump Control
    Surges or pressure transients occur in centrifugal pumping systems when any sudden change of flow is introduced.Electronic starting and stopping of the pump motor will be explored as a cost-effective solution that reduces surges or hammering problems.
  • Rotary and Centrifugal Pumps (Copyright Viking Pump, Inc.)

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