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  • Wiring Ducts-Image
    Wiring Ducts - (166 companies)
    Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Basic Information. Wiring ducts... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrical Conduit-Image
    Electrical Conduit - (567 companies)
    ...raceway and are often used at the ends of rigid runs. Liquid tight flexible metal conduits (LFMC) have a sealed plastic covering over a flexible metal core. By contrast, liquid tight flexible nonmetallic conduits (LFNC) feature a liquid tight jacket... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Headends-Image
    RF Headends - (24 companies)
    ...are electronic control centers, generally located at the antenna site of a system, which include the antenna, preamplifiers, frequency converters, demodulators and other related equipment. A cable access television (CATV) network or community access television... Learn More
  • Wireways-Image
    Wireways - (176 companies)
    ...of cable trays, conduit, and other types of raceway. Cables being fed into a pull-through wireway. When connected, wireways must be reinforced using special fittings and gaskets between sections. Types. Wireways are produced in three different forms... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Broadcast and Cable Television Service-Image
    Broadcast and Cable Television Service - (146 companies)
    ...or community antenna television (CATV) providers transmit radio frequency (RF) signals to subscribers through fiber optic or coaxial cables. Over-the-air (OTA), terrestrial, or broadcast television also transmits radio waves, but in an unencrypted format... Learn More
  • Spherical Roller Bearings - (266 companies)
    ...utilize two rows of friction-reducing, barrel-shaped rollers located between an outer ring with a spherical raceway and an inner ring composed of two inclined raceways. These bearings are valued for their ability to compensate for misalignment and shock... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Coaxial Connectors - (481 companies)
    ...the capacity to carry vast quantities of information. They are typically used in high-speed data and CATV applications. How to Select Coaxial Connectors. Image Credit: Newark |RF Industries, Inc. | Fischer Connectors, Inc. Coaxial connectors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Patch Cables and Cords - (245 companies)
    Patch cables and cords are flexible cables that are terminated at both ends with a plug and used to interconnect circuits on patch panels. They are used with patch panels, groups of ports that connect lines between communications and electronic devices. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Computer Cables - (293 companies)
    Computer cables are used to connect monitors, keyboards, printers, hard drives, and other peripherals to computers. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bearing Pullers and Tools - (59 companies)
    Bearing pullers and bearing tools are devices for assembling and disassembling bearings. They are often hand-held and manually-powered devices, but this area also includes mountable and powered devices like bearing heaters used before assembly. Learn More
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Power/Data/Voice/CATV Raceway : Rapicom, Inc....
Rise - High Security Locking Molding - KH Molding - MultiClear Surface Raceway - Multilink Cove Molding - Multilink Crown Molding - Multilink
See Rapicom, Inc. Information

TE - Telecom Networks - CATV/COAX Applications
CATV/COAX Applications Fibre Products Exchange elements Raceway systems Building blocks & accessories

cables and are of the following types for installation and use as the CATV cables specified in Article 820 and other applicable parts of the National

Combo "Tel/CATV/Data/Video" : ATI - Associated Telephone...
Home :: 040 WALL PLATES & JACKS :: Combo "Tel/CATV/Data/Video"
See Associated Telephone Industries Inc. Information

Winston International, LTD. - Weltron® Brand
CATV Splitters 1 GHz Splitters 2 GHz Splitters Cable Raceway CAT5e / CAT6 Patch Cables
See Winston International, Ltd. Information

Coaxial cable splitter, Catv video cable splitters, 2 Way...
Coaxial cable splitter, Catv video cable splitters, 2 Way Splitter, TV Splitter

F connector Leviton compression for cable

West Penn Wire CATV/MATV Cables
Plenecon® RG-6/U Type CATV Plenum Coaxial Cable, 1,000' RG-6/U Type CATV/MATV Coax, 1,000' RG-6/U Type CATV/MATV Coax, 1,000' RG-6/U Quad-Shield Type

Report on Proposals A2007 -- Copyright, NFPA NFPA 70 The term...
Revise last sentence: Where the grounding conductor is run in a metal raceway 16-231 Log #852 NEC-P16 Final Action: Accept conduit, electrical
See National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Information

Kwik Stripper Twisted Pair Stripper, CATV/UTP Stripper
Cable Raceway Cable Sleeving Cable Ties Kwik Stripper? Twisted Pair Stripper / CATV/UTP Stripper
See, Inc. Information

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