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  • PT 103: Pump Monitoring
    . Reliable measurements of low frequency surge pulsations,. running speed harmonics, and high frequency cavitation requires. optimized vibration sensor technology. Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric accelerometers provide the dynamic and. frequency ranges required for complete industrial pump monitoring. Pump
  • Sensor Selection for Monitoring Complex Extrusion Gearboxes
    . The bearings of simple machines are often very accessible, allowing the use of magnetic mounting the sensor, thus avoiding the cost of permanently mounting a separate sensor for each measurement location. Microsoft Word - Sensors _2_.doc Sensor selection for monitoring. complex extrusion
  • TN 18: Industrial Vibration Sensor Selection - Piezovelocity Transducers
    sources include worn steam seals, air. leaks, pump cavitation, and impacts from reciprocating machinery. Intemodulation distortion due to nondiscreet noise (i.e. steam “hiss”) is. sometimes called “washover” distortion. When an external integrator converts the acceleration signal to velocity
  • Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs
    bridge offers long-term stability in applications with high dynamic load changes. Thin-film sensors feature excellent resistance to pressure spikes. In addition, an arc eroded pressure port and cavitation damping system integral to the process connection minimizes the possibility of pressure sensor
  • Effect of Diesel and Water Co-injection with Real-Time Control on Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions (.pdf)
    exhaust measurements were made. components, this metering pump operated with diesel. with a NGK fast NOx sensor and Sick Optic opacity. fuel, and its output was transferred to a shuttle metering. meter. Steady state emissions measurements were. device housed adjacent to the pump. This shuttle piston. made
  • Medical Device Link .
    system is described as a desirable alternative to blow molding machines, while cavity pressure sensors, argues another supplier, should be part of every molder�s toolbox. And speaking of tools, if you�re in the market for molding services, you will find yet one more indispensable
  • Cost Effective Predictive Maintenance Solutions
    not need vibration expertise or expensive vibration analysis software. A clear trend. 20. 18. 16. 14. 12. ent (mA) 10. 8. Loop curr 6. 4. 2. 0. Time. This graph represents data from a pump experiencing cavitations. A clear upward trend in the data. shows the value and simplicity of trended data
    level a second pump will start. and run until a low level set point is reached. Some pump stations have as many as 4 pumps to maintain level. With mil-. lions of lift or pump stations throughout the US a reliable, accurate level transmitter is required to avoid overflow. A typical sewage lift station

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