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  • New Grind
    Many cutting tool manufacturers already use CBN grinding wheels to grind small, round, HSS cutting tools from hardened blanks. However, recent field trials demonstrate that the latest superabrasive hybrid metal/polyimide-bond wheels, when automatically profiled on the machine, not only outperform
  • Grinding out Bottlenecks
    For more than 30 years, Spartan Carbide. Inc. has provided high-precision. carbide inserts and tooling. Spartan specializes in form grinding of. specials and standard-geometry ceramic,. PCD and CBN inserts for diverse. OEMs. In 2002, Spartan combined two. existing facilities that separately housed
  • How to do Aggesssive, Hungry, Precision Grinding
    finish. Finally, for more mass production and larger chuck loads, look into CBN BORAZON® vitrified wheels for even faster, cooler, longer life, and a more profitable way to grind. Get the answers to your. grinding questions. Call our. Certified Abrasive Engineers. Harry G. Sachsel C.A.E.
  • How to use a Variable Speed Control to Optimize a Precision Grinding Application
    it acts. The higher the surface feet per minute the higher the friction. The higher the fric-tion the higher the heat. Now couple this with the kind of grinding wheels you use: Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, CBN BORAZON® , etc., and the changes in speed are necessary. Grit size, hardness
  • Southwest Turbine: Innovative Customer Service Through Integrated Manufacturing Technology
    were spending with outside companies. On top of this, what we used to do with high speed CBN grinding, we can now do with the Mitsubishi Md-Pro. It blows the doors off what we used to do. I chose the Mitsubishi product because they have been a long time stable EDM manufacturer with the same sales force
  • Characterization of Superabrasives Using Particle Shape (.pdf)
    Superabrasives, such as micronized diamonds and cubic boron nitride (CBN), are used extensively in applications for cutting, grinding and drilling of hard materials. Most typically, tools such as saw blades, drill bits, grinders, etc. are coated with superabrasives in order to allow the tools to go
  • Medical Device Link .
    as durable grinding wheels that produce an improved intermediate finish. Three types of grinding wheels are suitable for profiling medical implants: Highly engineered, electroplated superabrasive wheels with cubic boron nitride (CBN) grains. Designed for precision manufacturing, these wheels have
  • Fixed Abrasives Take Lapping Into Another Dimension
    athoning machines are unlike conventional. fi nished product with today’s abrasive technology. fi xed abrasive grinders used for sizing components. and CNC machinery. Clean lapping far exceeds the 0.0002- to 0.0003-. By using bonded CBN or diamond particle in a. inch tolerances of conventional grinders

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