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  • Logic Comparators-Image
    Logic Comparators - (40 companies)
    ...package (TSOP), and shrink small outline package (SSOP). Related Standards. JIS B 7536 - Electrical comparators. A-A-58089 - Comparator, bench type, electronically amplified. DESC-DWG-84151 - Microcircuits, digital, low-power schottky ttl, magnitude... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Analog Comparators-Image
    Analog Comparators - (83 companies)
    Analog comparators are amplifiers that compare the magnitude of voltages at two inputs. An analog comparator is an operational amplifier with negative feedback removed, and with no feedback and very high gain, the output voltage goes to one extreme... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Logic Gates-Image
    Logic Gates - (94 companies), high-speed and advanced CMOS; emitter coupled logic (ECL); TTL and Fairchild advanced Schottky TTL (FAST); gunning technology; and crossbar switch technology (CBT). Common package types include ball grid array (BGA), quad flat package (QFP... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Indicators and Comparators-Image
    Indicators and Comparators - (212 companies)
    Indicators and comparators measure where the linear movement of a precision spindle or probe is amplified. Image Credit: Inspec Inc. | KEYENCE | Cannon Water Technology Inc. Indicators and comparators are instruments for comparative measurements... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Comparators-Image
    Optical Comparators - (121 companies)
    In addition, a comparator's screen can be simultaneously viewed by more than one person and provide a medium for discussion, whereas micrometers provide no external viewpoints. The screens of optical comparators typically range from 10"-12" diameters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Phase Detectors and Comparators - (35 companies)
    RF Phase Detectors and Comparators Information. RF phase detectors and comparators are circuits or instruments that provide a DC output voltage proportional to the difference in phase between two RF signals. They include local oscillator (LO), radio... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Modems - (44 companies)
    IC modems enable computers to transmit data over telephone lines or via wireless signals. Modem is a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator. Since computer information is digital data and information transmitted over the telephone lines... Learn More
  • IC Pin Probes - (21 companies)
    Image Credit: 1-Source Electronic Components. IC pin probes are used to test integrated circuits (ICs). They differ in terms of contact type or pin type. Low profile pins are standard, low-height, printed circuit board (PCB) pins. Solder tail pins... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Sockets and Headers - (212 companies)
    IC sockets and headers are board-mounted female connectors that serve as carriers for integrated circuit (IC) chips. Description. IC sockets and headers are board-mounted, female connectors that serve as carriers for integrated circuit (IC) chips... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • IC Package Converters and Adapters - (43 companies)
    How to Select IC Package Converters and Adapters. Image Credit: Newark / element14 | Advanced Interconnections Corp. IC package converters and adapters are electronic interconnect devices that are used to interface different types of integrated... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Strategies to the Prediction Mitigation and Management of Product Obsolescence
    54 CBT , LVX, LVT, 54LVC, 54LVQ, 54LV, HS/HST/ UHS, 54VHC, VHCT, SCAN, 74LVU, 74LVXC, 74LVC, 74LV, 15HSC... cycle curves of logic ICs are modified by taking into account the effects of two modifying attributes... ...called standard analog, includes all amplifiers, interface ICs, voltage regulators and references, data conversion ICs, and comparators . Amplifier ICs amplify voltage or current output; the magnitude of amplification represents the ratio of the output...
  • Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology
    ...Agoraphobia With and Without Panic Disorder Drug treatment and ▶ cognitive-behavioral therapy ( CBT ) have been shown... This type of tolerance occurs as a result of metabolic (pharmacokinet- ic ) or pharmacodynamic (cellular, molecular, functional... Evidence sug- gests the magnitude of the effect (effect size) may be larger in pain than depression. ▶ Randomized controlled trials versus placebo or active comparators in anxiety or sleep disorders are generally lacking.
  • The Medical Basis of Psychiatry
    Psychotherapies that have been studied for major depression and shown to be effective include cognitive–behavioral psychotherapy ( CBT ), Wright IC , Rabe-Hesketh S, Woodruff PW, David AS, Murray RM, Bullmore ET. This figure should be viewed with caution because of the magnitude of the age correction for siblings. ...increased risk of suicidal acts or ideation for either fluoxetine or the other comparator versus placebo (219).
    RANDOMIZED CONTROI.I.ED TRIAL OP CBT TO IMPROVE PUNcnONAI. ...' enlrna for FM an a community cohort of ddulu. with chnmic wlt. Ic "'prc..-ad p... ...was uwd to evaluate the thu kness of the pouch membranes and the magnitude and dwersuy of... (n=48) rn tlus randomized. dcuble-blmd, parallel-group, placebo- and active comparator controlled study The...
  • Principles of Flight Simulation
    ...Spaced Partition CAA Civil Aviation Authority CAD Computer-Aided Design CAS Calibrated Airspeed CBT Computer-Based Training... ...Indicator HUD Head-Up Display IAS Indicated Airspeed IATA International Air Transport Association IC Integrated Circuit ICAO... ...inputs from other modules, for example, engine RPM from the engine module, slipstream magnitude from the flight... The comparator is simply a high-gain amplifier, which saturates to +V if one input is greater...
  • Neuroscience in the 21st Century
    The field of cognitive-behavioral therapy ( CBT ) uses the following intervention techniques for the treatment of the... Gynogenetic IC ...forms of stimulation (e.g., tactile, olfactory, hormonal) will determine the direction and magnitude of a given... ...MS in 2010 based on its positive effects both in placebo-controlled and comparator (interferon b1a) trials.
  • Atlas of Epilepsies
    Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia, PA, pp 181–197 Villemure JG, Adams CBT , Hoffman HJ, Peacock WJ (1993). Hemispherec- tomy. They are seen in idiopathic, cryptogen- ic , and symptomatic settings with no, focal, multifocal, or diffuse cerebral... ...opti- cal functional mapping studies of the human adult brain to monitor the magnitude and spatial distribution... ...ratio (SMR) and the proportionate mortality ratio (PMR) express death rates in relation to an external comparator .
  • Springer Handbook of Medical Technology
    content-based image retrieval CBT IC ...biopotential differ- ences that vary with time are measured as electrical potentials (the magnitude of the useful... Approaches in- clude using a window comparator to monitor the inter- electrode voltage [37.57], an on...
  • Australian guidelines for the treatment of acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder
    colleagues213,214 compared child-only CBT , mother-only CBT, child and mother CBT, and waitlist control. Stata/ IC 12.0 for Windows (Revision 8th August 2011). First, the magnitude of trauma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families may be overwhelming to practitioners... Comparator – The comparison treatment or condition (e.g., waitlist) used to measure the effectiveness of the...
    Cbt ) frequencies by the capacitance of the bond wires in the IC . However, one must note that the magnitude of this current is higher than that obtained by converted to a voltage and fed into a comparator .