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Parts by Number for CCD Shutter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FC1300 PLC Radwell Takenaka Ltd Camera & Vision, CCD Camera CAMERA FULL FRAME PROGRAMMABLE SHUTTER
FC2000 PLC Radwell Takenaka Ltd Camera & Vision, CCD Camera CAMERA HD PROGRESSIVE SHUTTER

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  • CCD Test Methods
    will be given for performing these tests yourself. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the other subjects in CCD University before reviewing the subject of testing. These tests are important indicators of camera quality and they fulfill the commitment we have to our customers
  • View to the Future: CCD and CMOS Sensors Today and Tomorrow
    Digital image sensors are well established in private and professional applications. But which sensor type works best, CCD or CMOS? This question enlightens passionate discussions. A more detailed analysis reveals that these sensors share many common characteristics. Both CMOS and CCD can
  • HR4000 and USB4000 Shutter Mode Performance in Hardware Trigger Mode
    The HR4000 and USB4000 Spectrometers utilize the Toshiba TCD1304 CCD Detector. When operating a USB4000/HR4000 Spectrometer with this detector in External Hardware Trigger mode, you will find some subtle differences between spectra obtained in Normal versus External Hardware Trigger mode
  • Data Rate, Transfer Rate, or System Throughput
    to wait to see the image?" The shorter this time is, the easier to focus the system and more enjoyable the CCD imaging experience will be. Also, dark count continues to build during the delay and readout. The longer the actual charge transfer time from the CCD, the greater the top to bottom dark
  • How to Image in Extreme, Low-light Conditions
    conditions, the user requires an imaging tool that offers sensitivity and dynamic range in excess of current generation night vision cameras. Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, a division of Toshiba America, has developed an ultra-sensitive ½" CCD color camera with the help of new, revolutionary
  • CMOS Cameras Rise to Speed Challenge
    Advances in CMOS image-sensor technology are making it possible for a new breed of highspeed cameras to capture events previously impossible to image by conventional CCD cameras. Improvements in chip design and manufacturing have enabled CMOS cameras to become a cost-effective, high-performance
  • System Design Relating to Lens Assemblies (.pdf)
    We describe a charge-coupled device (CCD) imaging system for microarrays capable of acquiring quantitative, high dynamic range images of very large fields. Illumination is supplied by an arc lamp, and filters are used to define excitation and emission bands. The system is linear down
  • Cameras in ITS - A Constant Evolution
    lens control. On bright, sunny days, this can be used to manage blooming and smearing inherent to CCD or shutter inefficiency experienced by CMOS. During cloudy conditions the iris can be opened to minimize exposure time and prevent motion smear images. This enables the camera to achieve

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