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    The video signals are captured by a consumer grade CCTV camera (Figure 5-8 (b)) and a PCI analog image data acquisition card (Figure 5-8 (c)). … algorithms in this research were initially tested on the simulation tools such as LabVIEW and Simulink with …
  • Video analysis based on volumetric event detection
    … tools and application programming interface (API) used in those experiments in- cluded Matlab, LabVIEW , OpenCV, and OpenQVis … A short video clip was captured using NI 1411 image ac- quisition card connected to a color closed-circuit television ( CCTV ), with a frame rate at 10 fps and a frame size of 640 by 480.
    The software tools and APIs used in those experiments include, MATLAB, LabVIEW , OpenCV, OpenQVis and the system … A short video clip was captured using NI 1411 image acquisition card connected to a colour CCTV , with a frame rate at 10 fps and a frame size of 640 by 480.
  • A 3D LIF system for turbulent buoyant jet flows
    The timing control computer drives the laser beam and synchronizes it with image capture by means of … This board is programmed in LabView to provide two analog voltage signals that control the motion of … For the experiments reported here a Fujinon CCTV camera lens of 25 mm focal length and f0 …
  • Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 6
    … be obtained simultaneous by two CCD cameras (scA640-70fm Basler Vision Technology) with CCTV lens (1/3” Tamron … … contacts the sample the CCD cameras are calibrated and interfaced with a custom LabVIEW program to track … Capturing orthogonal slope profiles is essential to quantifying anisotropic behavior as the profile .
  • AMETHYST: automatic alarm assessment becoming a reality
    … single camera AMETHYST system, is based on a personal computer with a video capture (Frame Grabber) card. The system was developed using the LabVIEW and Concept V.i (now IMAQ) software packages featuring: Built … … simple algorithm its performance was promising when tested using a standard video tape of perimeter CCTV scenes.
  • Quantitative evaluation of the kinetics of human enamel simulated caries using photothermal radiometry and modulated luminescence
    is captured by the infrared detector (with 1-mm2 active area) are The frequency range was segmented into 21 steps on a logarithmic scale by Labview - controlled computer software … … using an optical microscope (Leica DMR, Microsys- tems, Wetzlar, Germany) linked via a CCTV camera (Sony, XC …
  • A new control system for an old tandem
    … and to displays the operators were already familiar with (in the case of our old CCTV system). Figure 2: Screen capture of the Ion Source controls display. The program makes extensive use of "global" variables, a programming taboo in LabVIEW that was necessary to …
  • Smart Cameras
    They look like nor- mal cameras, much like CCTV cameras or general-purpose industry cameras. The camera performs image capture and sometimes some ASIP functionality, such as pre-processing to reduce the … 4 Compact Vision Systems NI CVS-145x Rugged Systems Run LabVIEW Real-Time.
  • Handbook of Machine Vision
    … cardinal elements, 219 Cat5, 458 CCD, 361, 364 CCIR, 379, 429, 456, 457 CCTV , 362 CDS, 388 … … 387 L cone, 11, 27, 28, 30 label image, 513, 552 labeling, 552 LabVIEW , 476, 477 Lambert … … output, 414 overtemperature, 103 PAL, 429, 456, 457 palettes, 494 parallax, 29 parallel capturing , 739 parallel lighting …
  • A miniaturised image based fluorescence detection system for point-of-care-testing of cocaine abuse
    … fluorescence detection, a non- cooled, low-cost CCD mini-camera (commonly found in CCTV recording) was selected … Images of the detection areas were captured by a one- channel video grabber (EasyCap DC60, Taiwan), digitalized … The appro- priate software was developed under LabView 8.6 (National Instruments, USA).
  • A calibration method of triangulation sensors for thickness measurement
    The stages are controlled by a stage controller and a standard PC by using a LabVIEW program. Optical band-pass filters are attached in front of the standard CCTV camera optics in order to … A snapshot image is captured after every step by both cameras.
  • OPTIROB 2013
    … allowing the owner to use his PC to keep control of this mobile CCTV robot from anywhere … Here, we have to underline that for programming NXT robot one can use LabVIEW , Microsoft Robotics Studio … In both cases a special feature of the program allows to visualize at demand the camera’s captures .
  • Imaging on impact - HARSH ENVIRONMENTS - Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
    … suggests Slaughter, so that even if the camera or object moves a sharp image is still captured . National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development program is used to test the microshutter arrays to detect and diagnose … Greg Blackman explores how the security market has moved on from analogue CCTV to more sophisticated imaging …
  • e-Technologies and Networks for Development
    … secured and restricted areas in addition to a network of closed-circuit televisions ( CCTV ) in both public … To capture these signals is used accelerometers and measured data is then transmitted wirelessly via ZigBee technology … As a measurement, visualization and communication software has been used LabVIEW , which allows you to connect and …