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  • Video Volume Segmentation for Event Detection
    The software tools and APIs used in those experiments include, MATLAB, LabVIEW , OpenCV, OpenQVis and the system... A short video clip was captured using NI 1411 with CCTV camera at a frame rate of 10, resolution 640 by 480.
  • Video analysis based on volumetric event detection and application programming interface (API) used in those experiments in- cluded Matlab, LabVIEW , OpenCV, and OpenQVis... A short video clip was captured using NI 1411 image ac- quisition card connected to a color closed-circuit television ( CCTV ), with a frame rate at 10 fps and a frame size of 640 by 480.
  • A 3D LIF system for turbulent buoyant jet flows
    The timing control computer drives the laser beam and synchronizes it with image capture by means of... This board is programmed in LabView to provide two analog voltage signals that control the motion of... For the experiments reported here a Fujinon CCTV camera lens of 25 mm focal length and f0...
  • Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 6 obtained simultaneous by two CCD cameras (scA640-70fm Basler Vision Technology) with CCTV lens (1/3�? Tamron... ...contacts the sample the CCD cameras are calibrated and interfaced with a custom LabVIEW program to track... Capturing orthogonal slope profiles is essential to quantifying anisotropic behavior as the profile .
  • AMETHYST: automatic alarm assessment becoming a reality
    ...single camera AMETHYST system, is based on a personal computer with a video capture (Frame Grabber) card. The system was developed using the LabVIEW and Concept V.i (now IMAQ) software packages featuring: Built... ...simple algorithm its performance was promising when tested using a standard video tape of perimeter CCTV scenes.
  • Quantitative evaluation of the kinetics of human enamel simulated caries using photothermal radiometry and modulated luminescence
    is captured by the infrared detector (with 1-mm2 active area) are The frequency range was segmented into 21 steps on a logarithmic scale by Labview - controlled computer software... ...using an optical microscope (Leica DMR, Microsys- tems, Wetzlar, Germany) linked via a CCTV camera (Sony, XC...
  • A new control system for an old tandem
    ...and to displays the operators were already familiar with (in the case of our old CCTV system). Figure 2: Screen capture of the Ion Source controls display. The program makes extensive use of "global" variables, a programming taboo in LabVIEW that was necessary to...
  • Camera
    STEST-896 - CCTV Security Camera, DVR, CCTV Tester 3.5" TFT LCD (Supply 12V 1A Power to... ...FPA detector is an outstanding choice with a very high 50-Hz data capture frequency and a... ...or digital I/O Configure with NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection Program with LabVIEW Real-Time Vision...
  • Smart Cameras
    They look like nor- mal cameras, much like CCTV cameras or general-purpose industry cameras. The camera performs image capture and sometimes some ASIP functionality, such as pre-processing to reduce the... 4 Compact Vision Systems NI CVS-145x Rugged Systems Run LabVIEW Real-Time.
  • Protocol Analyzers / 2
    # It's a portable video monitor to set up CCTV Also, BusTools/ARINC, our flexible, Windows-based GUI Bus Analyzer, LabVIEW and LabVIEW Real-Time support is optionally... ■One-Button LLDP Protocol Capture and Analysis .
  • A calibration method of triangulation sensors for thickness measurement
    The stages are controlled by a stage controller and a standard PC by using a LabVIEW program. Optical band-pass filters are attached in front of the standard CCTV camera optics in order to... A snapshot image is captured after every step by both cameras.
  • Imaging on impact
    ...suggests Slaughter, so that even if the camera or object moves a sharp image is still captured . National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development program is used to test the microshutter arrays to detect and diagnose... Greg Blackman explores how the security market has moved on from analogue CCTV to more sophisticated imaging...
  • e-Technologies and Networks for Development
    ...secured and restricted areas in addition to a network of closed-circuit televisions ( CCTV ) in both public... To capture these signals is used accelerometers and measured data is then transmitted wirelessly via ZigBee technology... As a measurement, visualization and communication software has been used LabVIEW , which allows you to connect and...
  • ip cameras datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    ...optics pixels interface sensor x-ray Imaging Mini USB 5Pin SR4000 Data Sheet Captures complete scenes video... First line: schematic ip camera ccd for ip camera Wireless security cctv camera MPEG4 schematic ptz decoder... IP from National Instruments. developers and external users in the LabVIEW FPGA community ..
  • MBARI's Midwater Ecology Low-Light Imaging System Development
    In the end, we chose a Rainbow CCTV G1 OX1 6M zoom lens with motorized zoom, focus... A LabVIEW application has been written to allow the operator to more easily operate the system, although... Examples of the images captured by this system are shown in Figs. 6 &7.

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