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  • Smart Computing Article - White Paper: CD & DVD Writing
    state of the rewriteable layer when creating pits in a CD-RW or DVD-RW. A type of laser still in development that could make smaller pits and more narrow tracks on optical discs than possible now. This would greatly increase the amount of data you could store on an optical disc. No one
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- CD/DVD Drives
    Most CD and DVD drives use the IDE interface. However, some Plextors (such as this PX-755SA) and Samsungs are SATA (Serial ATA) drives, and therefore don t have the jumper, cable, and DMA (direct memory access) mode issues that can crop up with IDE units. For some kinds of problems, you ll need
  • You Never Forget Your First Laser
    every day in ways we may not even recognize. We tend to use things without thinking about them. Has it ever occurred to you that every time you listen to a CD or point with a laser pointer, you are holding the discovery of a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, in your hand? Well, if you haven't, you're
  • How Digital Laser Material Processing Works: Cutting, Marking, Engraving, and Photo Imaging
    The laser was once described as a solution without a problem. Now, lasers are everywhere: CD players, range- finding systems, and bar-code readers all rely on lasers to serve their function. As you may expect, Digital Laser Material Processing Technology (DLMPT), also relies on lasers
  • Battery Welding Solutions Using Resistance & Laser Technologies (.pdf)
    In the battery industry, the use of resistance welding for electrical connectivity and battery pack manufacture dates back many decades. The weld controls that provided the foundation for this market were Capacitive Discharge (CD) and AC welders. This technology remained largely unchanged for many
  • Computer Power User Article - X-Ray Vision: Laser Nanoantenna
    January 2007 Vol.7 Issue 1 Page(s) 44-45 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Bringing Terabytes To Optical Discs When changes come to optical disc storage technologies, they re typically big-time changes. The 650MB of storage on a burnable CD seemed great at least until burnable DVDs
  • 6.08: Updata
    nanometers, a blue laser could be used to store 15 Gbytes of data on a standard CD. Compare this to the 0.65 Gbytes of storage via 780-nm lasers on a CD today, and you
  • MICRO:New Technologies-Analysis & Metrology, by Patrick J. McCann, p.93 (July '99)
    grown heterostructures such as those used in fiber-optic communications systems and CD-ROM applications offer important advantages. Nevertheless, semiconductor materials for mid-IR lasers have much lower electron transition energies (band gaps) than those used to make visible and near-IR lasers, which

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