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  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems Removes Wrinkles
    Flexel, Inc. is the only manufacturer of cellophane film in the United States. Cellophane is a clear packaging film produced from wood pulp. Like rayon fiber and some sausage casings, the cellophane process begins by transforming the wood pulp's cellulose into viscose ("viscous cellulose"), a form
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    thicknesses will result in a range of disintegration rates and mechanical strengths. Table I illustrates the influence of Mw on film solubility. A combination of low-Mw cellulose and a low-Mw polymer reduces disintegration time. The effect appears substantial as an additional low-Mw polymer is added
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    =poor, N=none). ABS Polymers. 0.025. F-P. Acetal resin. 0.025. F-P. Cellulose acetate. 0.15. DAP. 0.04. Epoxy. 0.12. Melamine. 0.2. Phenal formaldehyde. 0.2. Polyamide. 0.16. Polycarbonate. 0.03. F-P. PVDF. 0.04. Polyester. 0.05. Polyethylene. 0.0008. Polyimide. 0.013. PMMA. 0.09. Polypropylene
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    TPEs offer among the highest measured water permeabilities of all known polymers, approaching (and sometimes exceeding) the permeabilities of renowned hydrophilic polymers such as cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol. One disadvantage of using PEO as the soft segment in films is its substantial tack, which
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    of gradual volatility, and additives such as surfactants. Figure 2. Schematic of an evaporation casting line for manufacturing cellulose nitrate membranes. (click to enlarge). This solution is applied with a defined film thickness onto a long, moving stainless-steel belt. As the solvents vaporize
  • Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Tablet Coatings
    the active ingredient and the gastrointestinal tract. * To control the release of drug into the body. Coatings generally consist of a sugar or cellulose based binder, plasticizer, film forming agent and colorant.These are supplied in granulated or powder form for dispersion in aqueous or organic
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    Protective leakproof containers are fitted with a highly absorbent material that can soak up the entire sample contents in the event of an accidental spill. The cellulose and cotton-fibre material is only a few millimetres thick when dry but is able to absorb more than 4 L/m . The containers
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Wood-Plastic Composites
    Wood-plastic composites may be one of the most dynamic sectors of today's plastic industry. Although the technology is not new, there is growing interest in the new design possibilities this mariage of materials offers. The production of WPC typically uses a fine wood waste (cellulose based fiber

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