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  • Description: MB600 is a superior electrical insulator. It is an aqueous liquid and does not contain any volatile solvents. Additives such as Calcium Chloride, Cement and Lime can be utilized for specific applications where partial or complete insolubility to water is required. Master Bond MB600 is the perfect

    • Form: Liquid
    • Cure Type / Technology: Thermosetting / Crosslinking
    • Industry: Semiconductors / IC Packaging, Electronics, Electrical Power / HV
    • Composition: Single Component System

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  • Description: Induction coils

    • Use: Die Bonding Adhesive / Compound, Gap Filling Compound
    • Form: Liquid
    • Cure Type / Technology: Thermosetting / Crosslinking
    • Industry: Electronics

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  • Description: These high bond strength adhesives are clear 100% solids, two component, low viscosity adhesives with a quick setting time of 5-46 minutes at room temperature. They are excellent for bonding plated metals, pewter, glass, wood, ceramic, felt, cement, gem stones, most plastics and rubbers, etc.

    • Form: Liquid
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Epoxy (EP)
    • Cure Type / Technology: Room Temp. Cure / Vulcanizing, Thermosetting / Crosslinking
    • Industry: Electronics, Electrical Power / HV

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  • Description: DeltaBond™ 152 adhesive is ideal for general cementing; thermally bonding semiconductors and components to chassis or heat sinks, while electrically isolating one from the other; fabricating heat sinks or thermal links; and for all permanent bonding of assemblies which require high thermally

    • Compound Type: Thermally Conductive

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  • Description: Sheets on which heat-emitting power semi-conductors can be mounted directly with complete safety. Conduct heat. Insulate electrically. Available in dry or self-adhesive SILPAD400, QPAD, and 2000 models. Dimensions = 12 x 12in Thickness = 0.178mm Length = 12in Width = 12in Thermal Conductivity

    • Compound Type: Thermally Conductive
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Ceramic / Inorganic Cement
    • Use Temperature: -76 to 356 F
    • Thermal Conductivity: 0.9000 W/m-K

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  • Description: This course provides attendees with a basic working knowledge of critical dimension metrology. The course starts with definitions of commonly used metrology terms, reviews current challenges and explains importance of metrology in achieving semiconductor manufacturing goals. All basic patterning

    • Modality: On-site / In Plant
    • Technology / Subject: Design / Engineering Methods (ESDU, DFx, etc.), Instruments / Sensors, Nanomaterials / Nanotechnology, Photonics / Optics, Semiconductors / Microelectronics (ICs), Specialty / Other

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  • Description: diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, semiconductors and many more. Please see the industries section of our site for more details on the typical applications we process on a daily basis. The technical team at General Magnaplate works alongside manufacturers to solve wear, corrosion

    • Plating Processes: Chrome Plating - Hard, Nickel Plating - Hard, Silver Plating, Titanium Plating
    • Electroless: Yes
    • Material / Substrate: Aluminum, Carbide, Ceramic, Composites, Copper / Copper Alloys, Iron / Cast Iron, Metal, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys, Titanium, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Services: Electropolishing, Hydrogen Relief Baking, New / OEM Parts, Material Selection / Design Assistance, Passivation, Pickling / Chemical Deburring, Replating / Used Parts, Research & Development, Specialty / Other

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  • Supplier: Hot Disk AB

    Description: , semi-conductors and high-conductivity oxides, can be tested. The TPS 1500 is designed as a reliable workhorse instrument for materials R&D within heavy-duty industries. The construction industry, for example, will see concrete and cement mixtures, woods, fibrous structures, and insulating materials

    • Thermal Analyzer Type: Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
    • Temperature Range: -423 to 1832 F
    • Local Interface: Digital Front Panel
    • Display Options: Digital Readout

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  • Description: from brightfield, darkfield, DIC, 365nm UV and 248nm DUV with automated controls 150x/0.90 UV (365nm) objective with 130nm resolution Cement-free 150x/0.90 DUV (248nm) objective with 80nm resolution Long Working Distance L50x DUV cement-free objective for thorough pellicle inspection of masks

    • Application: Semiconductor Inspection
    • Grade: Benchtop
    • Total Magnification: 1.6 to 150 X
    • Field of View: 0.9843 inch

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  • Description: Shape Complexity High Volume Experience Ferro-Tic SBC ~ Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide ~ Newburgh, New York Ferro-Tic® Machineable Carbides Severe Wear Applications Hot Isostatic Pressed Materials Yillik Carbide Products ~ Precision Cemented Carbides ~ Ontario, California Wide Variety

    • Services: Certification / Qualification, Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Solid Modeling, Computer Aided Machining (CAM), Design / Development, Just-in-Time Delivery, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Turnkey Product Manufacturing, Warehousing / Stocking
    • Capabilities: Machining, Mechanical Assembly, Metal Casting, Molding
    • Industry Served: Aerospace / Avionics, Agriculture / Forestry, Automotive, Building / Construction, Electronics / Semiconductors, Food / Beverage, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Commercial, Instruments / Sensors, Marine, Material Handling, Medical / Health Care, Military / Defense, Other
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southwest US Only, Midwest US Only

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    Micron Instruments has developed high sensitivity, long life, high resistance homogenous semiconductor strain gages that makes the wireless transmission of stresses in structures and through cement and other materials possible. The high gage resistance means little power is required

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