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  • Design Decisions: Electro-mechanical vs. Pneumatic Actuators
    of electro-mechanical actuators are explored in comparison to pneumatic options. Design News - Features - Design Decisions: Electro-mechanical vs. Pneumatic Actuators. DESIGN NEWS MOBILE. HOME | NEWS | BLOGS | MESSAGES | FEATURES | VIDEOS | WEBINARS | RESOURCE CENTER | INDUSTRIES
  • Effects of Brake Actuator Error on Vehicle Dynamics and Stability (.pdf)
    In this paper the effects of rear brake imprecision on vehicle braking performance and yaw dynamics are investigated for a vehicle with individually controlled brake actuators. The effects of side to side brake force imbalance on vehicle yaw rate and path deviation during straight line braking
  • Test-Bed to Measure the Performance Criteria of Actuators - University of Texas Robotics Research Group
    In order to complete the actuator test architecture considering all the possible. situations, a dynamic and nonlinear test environment was required. The Nonlinear Test Bed for Actuators (NTBA) was created to measure and record an array of physical properties. during nonlinear load experiments
  • AS-interface (R) Simple, Robust, Device-Level Bus (.pdf)
    AS-i is an acronym for Actuator Sensor Interface. This may be the most high-tech bus of the traditional industrial networks. A huge amount of work has gone into its design to make it the simplest bus to use. Microsoft Word - AS-interface Tutorial.doc. Tutorial ®. AS-interface®. Simple,. Robust
  • Wired 8.01: As the MEMS Revolution Takes Off, Small Is Getting Bigger Every Day
    of a microbot. This autonomous critter can navigate complex terrain and communicate with its brethren. More than most MEMS applications, microbots seize the popular imagination. At the UC Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center, Professor Kris Pister and grad student Richard Yeh have already manufactured
  • How Some Supervisory and Leakage Currents Can Affect Today's Low-Power Solenoid Valves
    . and close larger ball or butterfly valves, or on control valves for fail-safe air release if there’s. a loss of power or air. They work by pressurizing or depressurizing associated actuators. The newest generation of low-power valves, such as the comprehensive line from ASCO. Numatics, draws only about
  • Sweet Motion Solution
    Before any new candy goes into production, it runs down an R&D processing line. The cost of this processing and consistency in the product's initial phase impacts its market acceptance. To provide cost-effective production methods for the development phase of center-filled products, Bottom Line
  • Medical Device Link .
    detent actuation and increased contact stability. Both toggles and pushbuttons are completely process-sealed for automated processing techniques. The bushing and housing are constructed of one molded piece, and a rubber O-ring surrounds the actuator. Epoxy-sealed terminals are molded to lock out flux
  • Understanding Web Guide Accuracy
    from shifted layers in an. range of their actuation. Many actuators have a range of. unwinding roll or variations in web bagginess or skew. 3 " in either direction. If the entering web is off line more. Rollers can create web wander by having a runout in a. than 3 ", the guide will go as far
  • Automation Speeds Pharmaceutical Dispensing
    Lines at your local pharmacy will be a thing of the past, if ScriptPro (Mission, Kansas) has anything to say about it. The company's automated pharmaceutical dispensing systems can handle everything from tablets and capsules to packages of ointments, offering complete labeling and traceability