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  • AN0005 Mechanical Cracking
    . Excessive bending will create mechanical crack(s) within the ceramic capacitor. Mechanical cracks, depending upon severity, may not cause capacitor failure during the final assembly test. Over time moisture penetration into the crack can cause a reduction in insulation resistance and eventual
  • Nanofibers: Technologies and Developing Markets
    . Nanofibers have current and potential use in a large variety of applications, i.e., electronics, mechanical, chemical, sensors and instrumentation, energy, medical, bioengineering, automotive, aerospace, thermal and acoustic insulation, consumer, and defense and security. This study supplies
  • Wiremesh Substrates for Oxidation, TWC and SCR Converters (.pdf)
    , contour,. geometry, length, thermal and acoustic insulation, washcoat for-. mulation, catalyst formulation and container design. Many of the. early automotive catalytic converters in the 1970s utilized alumina. based pellets and bead-shape supports placed into a steel shell and. contained between two