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  • China - Classification Catalogue for Occupational Disease Hazards, issued by the Ministry of Health March 28, 2002 and effective May 1, 2002.
    ...rubber product business rubber pulping, 浸胶 scrapes the slurry, 17 rubbery formation glasses and 18 stamp asbestos product business asbestos... ...21 metal tube coating machinery industry everyday machinery applique , electrostatic livery applying, electrophoretic... ...and communication equipment industry ceramics electrical capacitance preparation, capacitive...
  • Printing Machine, Printing Machine Manufacturers, Printing Machine Products from Printing Machine Suppliers & Exporters on
    Suitable for nameplate, package boxes, ceramic transfer paper, decal , self-adhesive label, advertising and PCB ... ... [ Related Categories : Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Printing Machinery ] [ Related Keywords : screen printing machine , screen printer, textile screen printer, graphic screen printer ] .
  • Federal Register > Monday, May 13, 2013 > [78 FR 27951] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 75-Phoenix, Arizona; Notification of Proposed Production Activity; Honeywell A...
    ...plastic caps; plastic thrust washers; rubber inserts; rubber tooth belts; pre-formed rubber gaskets; rubber tips; pine shipping guards; wood boards; corrugated packing boxes; logbooks; technical manuals; spinner decals ; air diaphragms; duct gaskets... ...carbon-fiber insulation blankets; ceramic turbine blisks; sight glasses... ...fixtures; inlet lifting slings; flight deck printers; laser drilling systems; grinding fixture set; machining tools; hydraulic presses... ...linear variable-resistor assemblies; variable-resistor assemblies; resistor assemblies; angular potentiometers; temperature sensors/resistors; printed circuit boards; switch...
  • Dictionary of Ceramics 3rd Edition
    Decals are used to apply designs to ceramic tableware, ornamental ware and tiles, and to glass containers. The decal comprises three layers: the colour, or image, layer which comprises the decorative design; the covercoat, a clear protective layer, which may incorporate a low-melting glass; the backing paper on which the design is printed (by SCREENPRINTINGor LITHOGRAPHY .v.). ...of transferring the design while removing the backing-paper, some of which are suited to machine application.
  • Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanomaterials
    Thus laser printers replaced small printing machines . ...this viewpoint it was not astonishing, that attempts were made to apply laser printing for ceramic decoration. Printed decals are state of the art in ceramic decora- tion.
  • Work at the Dulev color factory on the development of ceramic colors and lithography
    But unfortunately, in spite of the excellent results obtained, these decals are so far being made only by hand on small printing machines , while abroad they use large, mechanized siN-screening machines. A big problem in making ceramic decals at present is that involved in using offset printing.
  • World Class manufacturing: Breaking the mould
    ...secretsof the technology is the pad temperature, enabling the pad to pick up ceramic colour at one... Many experts in the industry considered that this direct printing technology was incapable of meeting reasonable quality... So we bought a standard machine and worked on further developingthe technology in-house. overlaying primarycoloursduring the pad printing process, and to print out water slide decals for holloware items...
  • ZASMHBA0003065
    Improvements in registration, resolution, and pigments have allowed screen-printed decals to reduce the quality gap between... Moreover, satisfactory trichromatic designs have been achieved by printing cyan, yellow, magenta, and black in a dot... Trichromatic printing has been of interest for ceramic and glass decorating for some time because of the... Although machines have been built to apply large decorations, including multicolor (Ref 58), to a variety of...
  • Laser Professional Equipment, Laser Professional Equipment Manufacturers, Laser Professional Equipment Products from Laser Professional Equipment Suppliers & E...
    professional laser ceramic printer Model NO.: C1255 Color & Page: Multi-Color Printing Press Printing Interface: ... [ Related Keywords : ceramic printer, digital printer, digital ceramic, digital ceramic decals ] Bending Drawing Machine .
  • The Prospect of Nano Vegetable Transformer Oil
    • The Research on New and High-Grade Screen- Printing Ceramic Decal Paper under Glaze Color of once Firing, p.275 ...of FPGA-Based Large-Screen and High-Resolution Display Accelerator in Computerized Flat Knitting Machine , p.318 .
  • Decorating porcelain and earthenware by silk screening
    Depending on the method of color application, we can distinguish the following types of decoration." manual (painting) work; treating the articles with decals githographs); spraying with aerograph; printing or stamping; and applying the pattern by silk screening. The composition of the color employed (in %) is: 66.7 ceramic color, 22.2 turpentine, and... Technical Specifications of the Semiautomatic Machine .
  • Digital Images Fired onto Ceramic Tiles
    • Analysis of Standard Camera Interfaces for Machine Vision Applications Digital Images Fired onto Ceramic Tiles The technology is quite simple and involves taking a digital image, printing it using a special decal printer, placing it on the tile and then firing it.
  • Liquid golds
    ...result equivalent to that achieved by a 10 per cent hand applied or screen- printed liquid gold. Machine banding is employed to economic advantage mostly by fine china and ceramic tableware manufacturers. Rubber stamping, roller coating, water flotation, veiling, stippling, decal transferring, dipping, spin coating and other techniques too...
  • ZASMHBA0003068
    1) The process or the equipment delivering charges or gobs of glass to a forming machine . ...remove most of the air, to ensure seating on the tool, and to prevent wrinkles. decal , decalcomania. Colored designs printed on specially prepared paper for transfer as decorations on glass, glazed, and unglazed ceramic ware, porcelain enamels, and other surfaces. deckle rod.
  • States > California > State > Air Districts > San Diego County > Regulation IV - Prohibitions > [sd AQMD 67-16] Rule 67-16 - Graphic Arts Operations
    (C) Ceramic decals manufactured for firing above 800°F, or (iv) Development process associated with the preparation of lithographic printing plates. ...means an operation that uses a printing device guided by a computer-driven machine to transfer an...