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  • Keeping it Clean
    , he came across a. Although such goals seem. patented woven ceramic fabric. applicable to any product on the. (WCF) burner from Rochester,. market, Vanguard’s gas appliance is. Michigan, U.S.-based Solaronics, Inc. unique in that its performance. With durability being a key attribute. directly affects
  • Introduction to Infrared Heating
    heating ovens. Introduction to Infrared Heating Solaronics, Inc. -Gas-fired Infra-Red Heaters. (800) 223-5335. Infrared Heating. Introduction to Infrared Heating. Heating Principles. Heating with Infrared. High Intensity Infrared. Ceramic Generator. Reflectors. Our Product
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | April 2003 FCT |
    in electrochemical systems, Jang Ho Chun, Mission Telecom, Co., Ltd. (KR). U.S. 6,613,251 (20030902), Method of forming a ceramic article including silicon carbide, Frank J. Savel III, TRW Inc. U.S. 6,613,252 (20030902), Molding of materials from graphite particles, Julian Norley, Michael Lee Warddrip
  • RTO Technical Specifications
    inches. (8”) of Pyro or Z Block thermal ceramic refractory fiber soft insulation. The chamber shall be equipped with one (1) man access port with davit located on the end of. the chamber. Burner. The combustion/purification chamber shall be fitted with a quantity of _____,. ____________ MMBTUH Maxon
  • Pemaco Superfund Site Remediation
    it as a public park. The vapor treatment portion of the project combined ceramic core flameless thermal oxidation (FTO) with acid gas scrubbing, vapor conditioning, and a carbon adsorption polishing step to control potential dioxin emissions. solution. Working with several environmental engineering
  • Organic Particulate Filtration
    their portable self-cleaning ceramic filter test unit before any purchase decisions were made. During the test, the process lines were run through the ceramic filter in two modes, hot and cold. First, the system was run in the hot mode with a gas burner firing continuously at 400º-500ºF heating up
  • RTOs Leave Nothing to HAP-penstance
    support grid was constructed from Hastelloy C276 in order to support the ceramic media. This "cold face" has the potential too see condensed acid gas. Hastelloy C276 provides high strength and resists both chloride stress corrosion cracking and chloride pitting and crevice corrosion. Inlet plenum
  • Engine Cell Exhaust: Catalytic Oxidizer
    of the engines in the facility were diesel engines and some endurance runs were lengthy. Since these engines potentially could go out of tune, a ceramic particulate filter was installed within the catalytic oxidizer down-stream of the gas burner to protect the catalyst from unburned carbonaceous materials

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