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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
5600184 PLC Radwell Northern Components, Connectors, Terminals, & Pins WIRE NUT CERAMIC HIGH TEMP 10
2006805400000011 PLC Radwell Textool Components, Connectors, Terminals, & Pins CERAMIC CARRIER 68POS LCC
80610124200 PLC Radwell 3m Home & Commercial Care Components, Connectors, Terminals, & Pins CERAMIC CARRIER 68POS LCC
80610124200 PLC Radwell 3m Components, Connectors, Terminals, & Pins CERAMIC CARRIER 68POS LCC
80610124200 PLC Radwell 3m Tape Division Components, Connectors, Terminals, & Pins CERAMIC CARRIER 68POS LCC
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  • AN0011 Solder Alloy Choice and Stress Release Cracking in Through Hole Ceramic Capacitors
    . The pin and body are usually manufactured from Cu or Cu based alloys, plated. with Ag or Au. FIG 3. TYPICAL EMI FILTER. CONSTRUCTION. FIG 4. EXAMPLES OF EMI FILTERS. AND ASSEMBLIES. Application Note. Reference No. AN0011. Solder Alloy choice for. Page No.: 5 of 28. through hole ceramic
  • Pin-Grid Array (PGA)
    Pin grid array (PGA) is a second-generation package that uses through-hole technology (THT). Pins are located on a 0.1" grid in various patterns. Package size is reduced by moving pins to the underside of the package in a grid pattern. Variants include ceramic pin-grid array (CPGA), plastic
  • Ceramic Electronic and IC Packaging Design Guide
    Design considerations for multilayer ceramic packages can be grouped into these categories: Structural Parameters. Interconnect Layout. Special Features. 6550 ATC DG_06.indd AdTech Ceramics. Design &. Capabilities Guide. Ceramic Packages | Chemical Milling | Injection Molding. Product
  • Nanopositioning with ALIO Ceramic Stages and Galil Controllers (.pdf)
    When dealing with high precision, high resolution applications where positioning down to sub-micron resolution is critical - a ceramic stage coupled to a Galil controller is an excellent motion control solution. This application note describes the actual hardware that was used for a nanometer-level
  • S2082: Surface Mounting Instructions CR-9, 11, 12, 13, 14 Ceramic 16 and 24 PIN Packages
    For optimal performance of surface mount switches and attenuators in ceramic packages, grounding is critical. The underlying copper ground plane must be a part of the layout consideration. Additionally, the solder footprint must be sized such that it allows adequate surface area for self alignment
  • PIN Diodes for High Power T/R Switches
    I n military radios, private. land mohile radios and cel. lular hase station failsafe. switch systems, high power RF. switching has been the prov. ince of ceramic-packaged PIN. diodes for decades. Recently,. new miniature plastic packages. with excellent thermal prop. erties have been introduced
  • Advancing the art of moldmaking
    of a final part appear under the white wire-frame blocks that represent the pins. A computer program reads the CAD file and adjusts the blocks accordingly. In a partially processed model (right) the CAD surface has been roughed into the ceramic pins. A mold of steel pins is taking shape. Two-inch2 pins
  • Filter Capacitor Comparison
    The heart of the filter connector is the capacitor array. Sabritec internally manufacturers the monolithic ceramic capacitor array on both thick and thin film technology. Using a dry process to laminate the layers of X7R ceramic tape, Sabritec is capable of achieving capacitance values from 100pF

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