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  • Reflectance Characteristics of Accuflect Light Reflecting Ceramic
    Discussion of the reflectance of Accuflect light reflecting ceramic from the near ultraviolet to the short wave infrared. Reflectance Characteristics of Accuflect Light Reflecting Ceramic. Reflectance Characteristics. of Accuflect™ Light. Reflecting Ceramic. Copyright July 2010. Accuratus
  • Shot Particle Shapes (.pdf)
    The ideal shape for a shot particle is a sphere, but real shot particles are not perfect spheres. The most commonly employed media are cast steel and iron shot, cut steel and iron shot, cut steel wire shot, glass beads and ceramic beads. These media are manufactured either by spheroidising solid
  • Medical Device Link .
    with piezoelectric ceramic nanoparticles create the opportunity to combine flexibility and processability with high-force actuations. * Controlled surface structuring for biointeraction. Migration to the surface can be achieved by controlling the surface properties of the nanoparticles. This results in surface
  • Combining Size and Shape Analysis
    Efficiency in Dry Pressing. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Volume 71, Issue 11, p. C456-C458, (1988). [7] Self-healing capacity of concrete – computer simulation study of unhydrated cement structure. Image Analytical Stereology, Volume 26, p. 137-143, (2007). [8] Compaction Simulator
  • Magnet Grade Chart
    . 550C / 1022F. LNGT60. 9.00. 1.38. 7.5. 550C / 1022F. LNGT72. 1.05. 1.4. 9.0. 550C / 1022F. Material: Ferrite (Ceramic)Ceramic, also known as Ferrite magents are made of a composite of iron oxide and barium/strontium carbonate by ceramic processing technology. Ferrites are, like most other ceramics
  • A new class of glass-ceramics -- Micro Milling Media
    , only one type of ceramic material, yttria-stabilized. • Pigment dispersions for color filters (latest generation LCDs). zirconia (YSZ), has the performance characteristics adequate to. • Ink jet products of the highest quality level. meet the stringent contamination demands of micro-milling
  • Ceramics and Catalysis (.pdf)
    , with a higher growth rate in environmental catalysis and in the rest of the world, outside North America, Western Europe and Japan. CerCatPaperOct05D CERAMICS AND CATALYSIS. Ceramic technology is of crucial importance to the catalysis industry. Dr. Ken J. Mills. find important application
  • Case Study: The DLR FALCON Research Aircraft
    . A relative humidity sensor 'Vaisala Humicap' that is based on the measurement of the capacitance of a small, special ceramic capacitor. The capacity is part of an oscillator. The dielectricity of the ceramic substrate and therefore the frequency of the oscillator is directly related to the relative

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