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  • What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?
    of fine coiled wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. The element is usually quite fragile, so it is often placed inside a sheathed probe to protect it. The RTD element is made from a pure material whose resistance at various temperatures has been documented. The material has a predictable change
  • Sheath Material Guide
    To aid in the selection of a sheath material. a brief description of some of the properties of the more commonly used metals is linked below. The. material selected must withstand the environmental effects imposed upon it but it must also be. compatible with the ceramic and wire it contains. Sheath
  • Selecting Wire Insulation
    . Not color coded. Order Code HGN/HG . Ceramic Fiber- 1204 C (2200 F) / 1427 C (2600 F). Conductor is ceramic fiber. Overall jacket is ceramic fiber.Abrasion resistance is good. Moisture resistance is Fair. Not color coded. Order Code CF/CF. PVC- -29 C (-20 F) / 105 C (221 F). Conductor is PVC