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  • Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM)-Image
    Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM) - (813 companies)
    Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) is used in mechanical, electrical, and electronic design; simulation, drafting, and engineering; and design analysis and manufacturing. Typically, CAD software and CAM... Learn More
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD)-Image
    Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD) - (85 companies)
    Computational fluid dynamics software (CFD) is used for the calculation of flow parameters in fluids, and for the design and simulation of the behavior of fluidic systems. CFD is also used to simulate fluid mechanics. Computational fluid dynamics... Learn More
  • Architecture and Architectural Services-Image
    Architecture and Architectural Services - (2374 companies)
    Architecture and architectural services design buildings and structures for commercial and industrial applications. They analyze a client 's current and future requirements in order to develop site plans, floor plans, room layouts, and building... Learn More
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    Medical Software - (404 companies)
    Medical and healthcare software is used in hospitals, clinics, and related facilities. This category includes software used to control and monitor medical devices, and software used for medical practice management and patient billing. Medical... Learn More
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    Barcode Software - (240 companies)
    Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology, generates output strings corresponding to barcode values, creates barcode fonts, prints barcodes, and/or performs tracking, etc. Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology... Learn More
  • Communications Software - (1242 companies)
    It provides scripting capabilities, file handling and processing, and input/output metrics measurement through Web-based or architecture-neutral applications like Java. Suppliers of communications and network software include companies that develop and sell... Learn More
  • Data Warehousing Software - (46 companies)
    ...and pattern-based extractors. Data warehousing software enables businesses and other organizations to implement scalable, flexible, high-performance data warehousing solutions. Data warehouse applications that feature a distributed architecture are highly-scalable... Learn More
  • Engineering Analysis Software - (661 companies)
    Engineering analysis software is designed to model, analyze, and predict responses and interactions for applications such as materials, structures, chemical and biological processes, electronic system performance, etc. Engineering analysis software... Learn More
  • E-Mail Software - (34 companies)
    E-mail software allows users to send e-mail, a form of electronic messaging that allows computer users to communicate. E-mail, an abbreviation for electronic mail, can be sent in large quantities as part of a company 's marketing communications... Learn More
  • Accounting Software - (91 companies)
    Accounting Software is software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting Software Information. Accounting software is application software that records and processes accounting transactions. Accounting software usually includes... Learn More
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App to Work. See How!. New Industrial Design. Medical Device Design Company. Industrial Design Firm, FEA, CFD. Industrial Automation Software. Award-Winning & Easy-to-Use. Let 's Talk & Create a More Efficient Lab. See...

...that the engineers can cross-develop different projects, reduce the number of different development tools (and associated expenses), and enhance the speed of design reviews and validations. Modularity of the software architecture is paramount for the ability to make changes during the early stages... market the software by late spring. Fluid-Flow Simulations The ability to generate complex meshes is at the heart of the Fluid Dynamics Analysis Package (FIDAP) developed by Fluent Europe Ltd. (Sheffield, UK). A computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) program, FIDAP is designed to perform all steps...

...integration. According to Allen, CFD, computer simulation, and FEA made these goals a reality. "Using these tools we were able to boost horsepower by cutting frictional losses and reciprocating weight, increase engine airflow, and improve combustion chamber shape and valve-timing events, " he says...

...computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be an important tool for looking at extrusion of polymers and their flow within dies. Calculations on the meso scale are a newer development, and will be covered in more detail in this article as they relate to commonly used medical plastics. MATERIAL MODELING METHODS...

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Custom Software Services Infrared Analysis Services CAE Software MuSES Parallel Module Plume Radiance Module
See ThermoAnalytics, Inc. Information

Coolit is an Advanced CFD Thermal Analysis Software for...
It's the CFD software of choice for serious thermal designers. Coolit is the leading CFD software for electronics
See Daat Research Corp. Information

Computer-aided engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering tasks.[1[2[3 It includes computer-aided design

CD-adapco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CD-adapco is a multinational computer software company that authors and distributes applications used for computer-aided engineering, best known for

Autodesk Partner Products & Services - Manufacturing -...
ANSYS CFX software is a general-purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package.

All Autodesk Products - 2D and 3D Design Product List
Autodesk 2D and 3D Design and Engineering Software AutoCAD Architecture Free Trial | How to Buy

Press Releases - Fluent Previews First Fully-Embedded CFD...
Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and services, previewed its new CFD software "FLUENT for CATIA" to attendees at the annual CFD Summit in Detroit,

ANSYS offers the most complete suite of advanced CFD software tools available, coupled with unrivaled modeling capabilities, to help you achieve a
See ANSYS, Inc. Information

NEMO Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
NEMO is an extendible Stellar Dynamics Toolbox, following an Open-Source Software model.

Mentor Blogs - Mentor Graphics
Embedded Software The value of software
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