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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CFM20166 Allied Electronics, Inc. HOFFMAN ENCLOSURES Not Provided Enclosure 20.00x16.00x6.00 Gray, 20.00x16.00x6.00, Steel
CFM24208 Allied Electronics, Inc. HOFFMAN ENCLOSURES Not Provided Enclosure 24.00x20.00x8.00 Gray, 24.00x20.00x8.00, Steel
CFM16126 Allied Electronics, Inc. HOFFMAN ENCLOSURES Not Provided Enclosure 16.00x12.00x6.00 Gray, 16.00x12.00x6.00, Steel
CFM13026 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Transistors:JFETs:N-Channel Transistors:JFETs:N-Channel
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  • Curds and Whey: Nilfisk CFM 118 Combats Dusty Whey Powder
    cheese curds very seriously, and in an operation that processes close to 1.3 million pounds of milk a day, it's no surprise that efficiency is a critical component of the operation. Case Studies > Curds and Whey: Nilfisk CFM 118 Combats Whey Powder. 0 Items $0.00 CHECKOUT. Login | Create New
  • Clear the Air: Boat Manufacturer Improves Air Quality by 94.4% with Nilfisk CFM Industrial Vacuums (.pdf)
    hulls and parts are either hand-laminated or feature mechanically applied fiberglass roll stock and resin. Case History Template Nilfisk CFM Case Study: GM 811/CFM137 Boating. Clear theAir: Boat Manufacturer ImprovesAir Quality. by 94.4% with Nilfisk CFM Industrial Vacu ms
  • A Tough Nut to Crack: A Leading Pistachio Producer Saves Time and Money with a Nilfisk CFM 3707/10 (.pdf)
    Product losses during production are a fact of life in the food industry, but they can still drive you nuts - particularly if your product is nuts. The largest grower-supplier of pistachios and almonds in the world solved their vexing processing losses with some unusually creative thinking that some
  • ProClean Type CT Self-Contained Tower Scrubber System Dramatically Reduces Field Erection Time and Costs
    Available in two configurations and sizes to handle gas streams from 500 to 25,000 cfm, the ProClean Type CT System removes water soluble gaseous contaminants at efficiencies needed to meet the most stringent EPA and state pollution control requirements. The system incorporates Bionomic's
  • Direct Contact Heat Transfer using No. 2 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing (.pdf)
    A customer with a sulfuric acid reclamation facility needed to cool a saturated air stream or closed loop process operation. The 10,000 CFM air stream at 165° F. had to be cooled to 110°F. The existing equipment was only able to achieve 125°F. Cooling liquid availability included a large quantity
  • Ammonia Scrubbing in Semiconductor Manufacturing (.pdf)
    foundry on the west coast decided to pre-treat the exhaust from the ammonia sources prior to mixing with the general ventilation from the acid sources. The volume at each source was relatively small (1,500 - 2,500 CFM) and the customer's preference was to treat each source independently to avoid
  • CO2 Control In School Classrooms
    levels can provide a direct indication of the CFM per person ventilation rate in school classrooms and can provide an ongoing indication if code required ventilation rates are being maintained. As a result, readings can immediately indicate problems and historical records of concentrations can
  • Keep Your Compressed Air High and Dry
    remove oil and dust, but dryers are required to remove water and adjust humidity. How much water is actually in your compressed air system? The answer might surprise you. A small 100 cfm compressor and refrigeration dryer combination, operating for 4000 hours in typical northeastern U.S. climate
  • Explaining The AirTest Self Calibrating CO2 Sensor
    to approximately ±0.5 cfm per person of ventilation). AirTest Self Calibrating CO2 Sensor Explained 1 of 4. The AirTest Self Calibration CO2 Sensor Algorithm Explained. Overview. The self-calibration algorithm used in all AirTest CO2 sensors targeted for ventilation. control in buildings has been used
  • Energy Savings Opportunity In Parking Garages
    is 1.5 cfm/sq ft or greater. Most codes also allow the option to operate fans based on the level of carbon monoxide measured in the space. Since most gas-fueled vehicles emit some CO when they operate, the level of CO can indicate vehicle activity in the space and can be used to activate fans based