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  • Geopolymers with the Potential for Use as Refractory Castables
    Refractory castables are made by mixing high- alumina cement with chamotte (calcined fireclay ).
  • State-of-the-art alumino-silicate refractories for al electrolysis cells
    Mullite has a surplus of alumina compared to the fireclay - ( chamotte ) based materials usually utilized in aluminum reduction cell linings.
  • Classic and Advanced Ceramics
    Fireclay bricks are produced from alumina -rich clays, whereby compositions with a predominant alumina content (>72 mass%) constitute a basic chamotte consisting of mullite + corundum, and compositions with higher silica content (Al2O3 + TiO2 ≤ 32%) are known as siliceous fireclay or Dinas...
  • Reviewing advances in cathode refractory materials
    Medium- and heavy-duty fire- clay ( chamotte )bricks,typicallycontain- ing 55--63 wt.% silica and 23-37 wt.% alumina , react with the diffusing fluo- ridebathcomponentstoform nepheline, a vitreous glassy silicate of sodium, which somewhat slows further reaction of fluorides with...
  • Protective coatings for glass pots are alkaline aluminosilicates (leucite KA1Si20s and earnegeite NaAISiO4), lamellar crystals of 8 - alumina , corundum grains, and... The rate at which the chamotte refractory ( fireclay ?)is dissolved in lead-crystal compositions Nos. 1-3 is considerably lower than in soda-lime glass.
  • New developments in heat insulation for glass furnaces
    The composition of the sealant was (%): 90 zircon, i0 fireclay , i0 orthophosphoric acid (on 100%). ...the melter was made with mortar of the following composition (%): 50 milled chamotte (fraction 0.8... alumina 0.i mm .
  • Heat insulation and sealing of glassmaking tank furnaces
    The mortar is prepared by pouring commonly used refractory fillers (of fireclay , refractory mortars, etc. ) into an... The composition of the mortar (recalculated to one mix) is as follows: 75-80% chamotte powder of 0.3- 1.0 mm size fraction (M_RTU 14... ...and BLPS-3 (MRTU 14-3-13-7): 5-10% technical alumina of i mm size...
  • An Air-Setting Refractory Mortar Using a Composite Binder
    As an example of the weak bonding between fireclay bricks, one may refer to the refractory brickwork... To ensure the monolithic bonding of chamotte bricks, a composite binding mortar was developed whose components were water glass (a sodium silicate solution) with a hardener, a high- alumina cement, and a chamotte filler.
  • ZASMHBA0003551
    High- alumina bricks with clay refractories have alumina content between 45 and 65%; they may contain calcined kaolin, andalusite, or mullite mixed with calcined fire clays ( chamotte ) and binders. Fireclay Refractories.
  • Synthesis of cordierite from bodies based on aluminosilicate chamotte and magnesia materials
    The industrial production of cordierite ceramics makes use of fireclays , technical alumina , and natural magnesia materials such as magnesite, dunite, and talc. In the production of cordierite kiln furniture, use is made of cordieritic chamotte in the body compositions.