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  • AN-00155 - Serial Load Techniques for the HP3 Series
    This application note details the process of sending a channel number to the HP3 modules using a serial link from a microprocessor. The code for this is shown and then it is used in an example. The software in the example will load the HP3 with channel 0 and then increment the channel number by one
  • Fills in UUID using MAC address Adds new item: Game Accelerator, CPU FAN Fail Alarm; adds "Dual Channel " or "Single Channel " string during POST; updates micro code Changes default RTC year to 2005, supports EIST, updates micro code Changes default RTC year to 2005, supports EIST, updates micro
  • Optical Shaft Encoders
    or home the device. Single-channel encoders, also called tachometers, are inherently less accurate than dual-channel versions and cannot register direction. Inaccurate readings often result when the code wheel stops on or near a slot's edge and vibrations move the code wheel back and forth
  • Feedback for servos
    . Here sensors are integrated into the end turns of the motor stator winding and are actuated by the rotor magnets. Most encoders (both absolute and incremental) use a light source which projects a beam through a narrow slit in a code wheel and through a precision aperture onto a light sensor. The wheel
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS A7V880
    , ASUS hadn't listed Sempron processors as compatible with the A7V880, but the latest BIOS update (version 1004) includes AMD K7 Sempron CPU code. The A7V880 features VIA's KT880 chipset, which is billed as being comparable to the NVIDIA nForce 2 SPP, but at a much more palatable price point
  • Product Showcase and Marketplace
    piping systems require regular Clean-in-Place (CIP) chemical sanitization. A single two-channel Thornton Model 2000 Instrument or multi-channel 770MAX instrument can monitor both CIP and rinse operations using a sanitary sensor in each channel. To learn more, contact us today! A World Leader in Pumps
  • Engineer's Assistant Using a PIC16F84A
    This compact instrument is intended to be a digital laboratory tool for hardware and, in some cases, software debugging. It contains four instruments in one unit: logic probe, single channel logic state analyzer, frequency counter and serial code receiver. The only chip used is a PIC16F84A running
  • RFID Standards and Drug Security in the Year Ahead
    "channels " such as retail, healthcare providers, and government/military. Each distribution channel selected its own bar code symbology UPC, Interleaved 2-of-5, Code 39, HIBCC 39 for specific applications. At the time, not every reader could read all symbologies. Now, this confusion is starting
  • Medical Device Link .
    male with acute hypertension (high blood pressure). The charge nurse asks you to set up and begin an intravenous infusion for the patient using a four-channel pump that you�ve never operated before. Fortunately, the comparatively advanced device is intuitive to use. The device�s large
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    . Analysis: PC upgrade cycle close at hand Intel to unveil Canterwood chipset Intel Corp. next week will introduce its well-touted 875 chipset, code-named Canterwood, to support dual channel DDR400 SDRAM memory and a new quad-pumped 800MHz processor front side bus. More worries surface about 2003 capital
  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    , first developed the DMX512 protocol in 1986 as bytes of data memory, which allows the demonstration a standard digital interface between dimmers and con- code to store the data for the entire 512 channel buffer soles, later expanded and improved in 1990. The cur- (although this is not required