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  • Amplifiers, D/A Converters, Electronic HV-Switches for Piezoactuators
    Amplifiers Amplifiers, D/A Converters, Electronic HV-Switches for piezoactuators. 1. Introduction. technologies such as STMs, AFMs etc. require precise. handling of probe tips with sub-nanometer precision,. Piezoelectrical actuators are innovative driving systems,. which can only done
  • Integrating Converter Analog Processor (TC500A)
    Today, design engineers rely more on microprocessors and microcontrollers to support their applications. Compatible analog-to- digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (A/D) converters have greatly increased the flexibility of interface and control circuits. Integrating Converter Analog Processor
  • Driving the Analog Inputs of a SAR A/D Converter
    the impact of an operational amplifier on the analog-to-digital conversion in terms of DC as well as ac responses. A typical system block diagram of the SAR converter application is shown in Figure 1. Some common SAR converter systems are Data Acquisition Systems, Transducers Sensing Circuits, Battery
  • Testing Transient Responce In DC/DC Converters
    produce approximations. The best way to see. stabilize the converter. One is the error amplifier and refer-. the transient response of a DC/DC converter is to test it. Application Note DC-001 DC/DC CONVERTERS DCDC_AN01_REV02.PDF. SHEET 2 OF 9. CH2. +. R2. ISOLATED. V. SINGLE OUTPUT. V. R1. IN. OUT. DC
  • Step-Up Switching Regulators
    as an on/off switch and the input current sensing is accom-. digital form by an A/D converter. plished by I . I is a current sense amplifier with three different. In conclusion, step-up converters offer high efficiency, low. C1. C1. current gains: 20, 50, and 100 V/V. The output of I (Pin 2) is. cost
  • Mulitpurpose Module Theory Of Operation
    The multipurpose module RG3000 is an isolated power amplifier that combines switching and linear topologies to achieve high efficiencies and linearity over a wide input voltage range. The switching power converter delivers power to the load from the input power source, while the linear power
  • TC7136/TC9400 Digital Readout Frequency Meter
    in setting up the range for the frequency-to-voltage mode. and the integrating amplifier. The gain (VOUT vs. FREQIN) of the TC9400 is determined by the. charge-balance capacitor (C9) and the integrator feedback. V+. resistor (R10) which have been selected for an output of. 3V. approximately +2V (referenced
  • Advanced Features of InfraTec Pyroelectric Detectors (.pdf)
    . source resistor). In current mode the generated pyroelectric current is transformed by a Current-Voltage-Converter (OpAmp. with feedback components, also named Trans-Impedance-Amplifier TIA). The frequency dependent. conversion factor I/U is determined by the complex feedback components and is typically

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