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  • Electric circuits
    Charge can move freely in a conductor if an electric field is present; the moving charge is an (SI unit is the ampere (A), often shortened to amps). The SI unit of resistance is the ohm ( As current flows through a resistance, energy is lost: If the current is constant (which also means it doesn't
  • Electrostatics: Electric fields and forces
    Atoms are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Protons, in the nucleus, and electrons, in the outer part of the atom, have electric charge: The SI unit of electric charge is the (C). (1 C is a very large amount of charge; we'll see later why we use such an inconvenient unit of electric
  • Reducing Utility Demand Charges
    This is a brief explanation of an important subject matter. If you want to know more about changes you can make that can save you money on your electric bills, get in touch with your electric utility representative. How your utility charges for electricity There are three basic types of charges
  • HLC (R) Connector Studies -Electric Field Testing
    This set of tests was inspired by the desire to improve connector cleaning processes in a measureable way. The testing methodology was inspired by the 3M handheld electrostatic field meter, which was designed to measure the charge value (volts, V) of the electric field on a given object
  • Xcel Begins Smart Hybrid Electric Vehicle Tests GE Hosts Electric Transportation Seminar ZAP Redesigns 2009 Electric City Car with Hatchback Trinity System 6 Times More Durable Than Lithium
    Xcel Energy of Minneapolis, Minnesota has given a $75,000 grant to the Boulder County Commissioners in Colorado to launch a test of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that can both charge from, and give power back to, the smart power-grid technology being built in Boulder. Xcel is performing
  • Zeta Potential Measurement (Aqueous and Non-Aqueous, Iso-Electric Point Determinations)
    . Therefore, for samples that require dilution prior to measurement, it is important to specify the dilution medium. The effect on the zeta potential of changes in pH, ionic strength and concentration of an additive can be automated to provide information such as the iso-electric point of a sample.
  • Fuel-cell APUs: A Step Toward All-Electric Cars
    at 750 C with simulated reformate (20% H2, 23% CO, 3% H2O, rest N2). Automakers are increasingly looking at electric motors as a replacement for the venerable internal-combustion engine (ICE). Candidate power sources for electric prime movers include batteries and fuel cells. Of the two, fuel cells
  • Improve Lithium-Ion Battery-Stack Safety in Electric Vehicles by Leveraging Optocouplers to Isolate High Voltages
    There are many challenges associated with high-voltage. Li-ion battery-stack management in all-electric or hybrid. automotive applications. Charge and discharge cycles. must be monitored and controlled, and the battery stack,. which often delivers voltages of several hundred volts, has

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