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Parts by Number for Charge Pump DC/DC Converter Top

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DC628 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Linear ICs:Power Supply Support Circuits:Voltage Converters:dc-to-dc/Charge Pump Linear ICs:Power Supply Support Circuits:Voltage Converters:dc-to-dc/Charge Pump

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  • PIC18CXXX/PIC16CXXX DC Servomotor
    deliver up to 3 A output current at sup-. ply voltages up to 52 V. The device has an internal. charge pump for driving the high-side transistors and. INTRODUCTION. dead-time circuitry, to prevent cross-conduction of the. output devices. Each side of the bridge may be driven. The PICmicro® microcontroller
  • DC/DC Conversion
    converter goes by many names: 500 mA Continuous Output Current. voltage step-down converter, DC-to-DC converter, chopper. Under-Voltage Lock-Out Protection. converter, etc. No matter what the name, inductor based, buck. Over-Temperature Protection. derived, switch-mode converters account for 80% to 90%
  • A Simple Model for DC/DC Charge Pumps
    Charge pump regulators provide an excellent DCI'DC converter solution for low-power portable applications,. typically below 300mA output curreni Charge pumps provide enhanced etficiency when compared to LDO reg. ulators and do not need a large, expensive magnetic component required wrth inductive
  • Applying the TC1219/TC1220 Inverting Charge Pumps with Small External Capacitor Values
    the TC1219/TC1220 Inverting Charge Pumps. with Small External Capacitor Values. Author: Patrick Maresca. Connect to VIN for. Microchip Technology Inc. +5V. DC Measurements. 2. Connect to External. Func. Gen. For Tuning. INTRODUCTION. 6. VIN. 5. C+. SHDN. Measurements. Oscilloscope Connection for. Microchip
  • Ripple and Noise Measurements with DC/DC Switch-Mode Power Supplies
    will summarize the set-up, methodology, and practical measurement guide lines to accu. rately measure input and output voltage ripple (or switching noise). These measurement techniques are. equally suitable to all SMPS DC'DC topologies, as well as charge pump (switched capacitor) reguLators. Other. techniques
  • Design Alternatives To The TC682 For Performing Inverting Voltage Doubler Functions
    the TC682. solution. The dual-TCM828 approach consumes only 100 µA. (again, considerably less than the TC682) and has the. same internal charge pump switching frequency as the. TC682 (i.e., 12 kHz). As in the TC682 example, the. dual TCM828 solution has no shutdown feature. DC/DC. Converter. 3.6V
  • Paralleling the TC1121 to Reduce Output Resistance for Driving Higher Load Currents (TC1121)
    Microchip Technology's TC1121 is a charge pump voltage converter specified to have a 100mA output current capability. The TC1121 has the benefits of selecting different internal charge pump switching frequencies (10KHz or 200KHz), driving the charge pump from an external clock, and a low power
  • Design A Load Sharing System Power Path Management with Microchip's Stand-Alone Li-Ion Battery Charger
    . LIN. Serial Peripherals. USB. USB (SMSC). Legacy 8051/80C51 MCUs. Memory. Serial EEPROM. Serial SRAM. Serial Flash. Parallel Flash. Motor Drivers PC Systems & I/O Controllers (SMSC) Power Management. Battery Management. Charge Pumps. CPU/System Supervisors. LDO Regulators. Power MOSFET Drivers. Power

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