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  • Non-contact charging of batteries
    Wireless power supply success story about Non-contact charging of batteries!!
  • Effective Vacuum for HVAC and Refrigeration Charging
    Whether it's in the factory or in the field, a refrigeration system's efficiency and reliability depend on its conditioning before charging. Evacuating an AC or refrigeration system does two things. It removes the air to make room for the refrigerant charge and it reduces moisture to trace levels
  • Battery Charging Options for Portable Products
    to recharge the battery are key factors in the user's perception of the product's quality. Each of these factors is driven by the battery charging system and, by analyzing the key tradeoffs inherent in leading battery charging technologies, will attempt to help designers identify the optimal solution
  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors
    transformer design phase for charging a capacitor in a stated time. The procedure presented eliminates "cut and try" or over-design approaches. Selection of critical values can be made with confidence using the guidance provided. First a little background in flyback topology. Flyback topology has
  • Convergent Designs Demand Smarter Battery Charging
    revered for its unique ability to combine high capacity, small size, light weight, and durability. Equally essential is the battery charger IC, a power electronic component which controls Li-Ion cell-charging conditions to minimize charging time while maximizing battery life, the number of charging
  • Charging EnerChips TM in Low Voltage Systems (.pdf)
    The charge control circuit uses the Microchip MCP1253 charge pump to charge the EnerChip at a constant 4.1V with a supply voltage as low as 2.7V. A small number of external components set the battery charging voltage and prevent the battery from draining back into the MCP1253 when system power
  • Managing Portable Power Parameters for Dual USB/AC Adapter Charging
    With today's proliferation of wireless and portable electronic equipment, a bewildering array of chargers and adapters are needed to keep a notebook PC, PDA, mobile phone, PMP, or MP3 player recharged. Not surprisingly, charging mobile accessories from the USB port of a notebook computer has become
  • Power Management in Portable Applications: Charging Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries
    , but one common theme rings true: maximize battery capacity usage. This theme directly relates to how energy is properly restored to rechargeable batteries. While no single method is ideal for all battery chemistries, an understanding of the charging characteristics of the battery, along
  • Achieving Smoother Operation in Dynamic Accumulator Charging Circuits (.pdf)
    This Application Note will help you understand how to better acheive Achieving Smoother Operation in Dynamic Accumulator. Charging Circuits by using our Unloading Pilot Valve UP10-40 in conjunction with our Load Sense Valve LS10-41.

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