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  • Data/Chart Recorders 101 (.pdf)

    and engineering data for applications such as testing and diagnostics, statistical analysis, and other laboratory work that requires a graphic or digital record of variables. There are scores of data recorder models on the market, ranging from $100 standalone chart recorders that use paper and a pen to measure

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  • Re: i'm freezing - please help me.

    Call the customer service department or marketing department of your local electric or gas utility and you might be able to "sweet talk" the use of a 24 hour temperature recorder that has a round paper chart and ink pens. All of the utilities have them, if they feel sorry for you, you could use it f...

  • Re: Relay Coil That Runs on mV of AC

    Hello Nah, = the old electromechanical voltage regulators had a current sensing relay to limit DC gen. current, which coil consisted of a few turns of heavy wire. This kind of relay would certainly come in handy today for sensing motor current. Does anybody make one? ===============...

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West Control Solutions
MRC8000 Chart Recorder and Data Acquisition

capability  . Two large displays —allow you to see critical process values at the same time on 2 pen models  . Easy, straightforward programming —allows you to configure your recorder with a logical step-by-step process using a simple keypad  . High resolution of recorder process variables for better record accuracy  . Reliability —maintenance free recording for years to come  . Specifications: Product Category: Circular Paper Chart Recorder. Dimensions and size: 12...

West Control Solutions
MRC7000 Chart Recorder & Data Acquisition

to come  .  . Specifications: Product Category: Circular Paper Chart Recorder. Dimensions and size: 10" Chart, 13.2" x 15.1" x 3.63" (HxWxD). Number of Inputs: 1 - 2  . Input Type: Universal (thermocouple, RTD, mV/mA/V DC). Number of Outputs: 1 - 8. Output Type: Relay, SSR Driver,  0-20mA or 4-20mA; 0-650ohm max load. Max. Number of Outputs: Control Type: ON/OFF, PID, Manual, Alarm, Profiling. Power Supply: 115V or 230V AC 50/60Hz. Communications: RS485 Serial (Modbus ® RTU...

Dewetron, Inc.
TrendCorder - Chart Recorder Replacement

DATA RECORDING  HAS  NEVER BEEN  THIS EASY. A whole new level of simplicity makes set-up and operation faster and more intuitive than ever before. MULTI-TOUCH gestures like pinch and zoom make the TrendCorder as easy to use as your smart phone. Finally, an amazing chart recorder replacement with world-class DEWETRON precision and reliability - at a great price. DejaView ™. To keep an overview of your current test at all times, we invented the special DejaView &trade...