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  • Data/Chart Recorders 101 (.pdf)

    . Types of Data/Chart Recorders. Strip Chart Recorders. Strip chart recorders consist of a roll or strip of paper that passes linearly beneath one or more. pens. As the signal changes, each pen’s deflection records the process being measured in the. form of a chart. Well suited to recording

  • How to Go from Paper Chart to State of the Art (.pdf)

    thermo-hygrometers. You might try to read the digital display, but these. rarely match the official record made with pen and. ink. If somebody pulled a chart looking for data,. they might not put it back in the right order. Then. you’re left with the delicate job of sifting through. piles of paper

  • New QC Protocols at Bell Helicopter Rely on Extech Humidity and Temperature Chart Recorder

    , these devices required staff to stop what they were doing, visit each chart recorder throughout the plants, and check readings for non-compliance. Often, these chart recorders ran out of paper or the pens had dried out, turning the quick spot checks into longer maintenance visits. Tyler also found

  • Establishing Temperature Change Characteristics Associated with Equilibrium Times of Permeation Tubes (.pdf)

    the slightest weight changes using a. pen recorder equipped with rolling chart paper adjustable from 1cm/hr to 60 cm/min. Recordings. can be charted daily without interruptions to the apparatus. A scale measurement was determined. by placing tare weights on the scale and noting the recorder response

  • The Miracle of Soldering - an Historical Perspective

    Fortification (R). Spheres. Tape and Reel Packaging. Solder Paste and Powders. Wire. Alloy Chart. Thermal Interface Materials. Heat-Spring (R). NanoFoil (R). Preforms. Ribbon and Foil. Other. Solder TIM. Thin-Film Materials. Featured Products. Sputtering Targets. Indium. Gallium. Others. Applications

  • Humidity and Solder Paste - Avoid Issues

    . Alloy Chart. Thermal Interface Materials. Heat-Spring (R). NanoFoil (R). Preforms. Ribbon and Foil. Other. Solder TIM. Thin-Film Materials. Featured Products. Sputtering Targets. Indium. Gallium. Others. Applications. Compounds. Batteries. Catalysts. Fiber Optics. LED MOCVD Precursors. Optical

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  • Re: i'm freezing - please help me.

    Call the customer service department or marketing department of your local electric or gas utility and you might be able to "sweet talk" the use of a 24 hour temperature recorder that has a round paper chart and ink pens. All of the utilities have them, if they feel sorry for you, you could use it f...

  • Re: Relay Coil That Runs on mV of AC

    Hello Nah, = the old electromechanical voltage regulators had a current sensing relay to limit DC gen. current, which coil consisted of a few turns of heavy wire. This kind of relay would certainly come in handy today for sensing motor current. Does anybody make one? ===============...

News about Chart Paper And Pens
  • Tablet PC: Achieve the Illusion of Handwriting on Paper When Using the Managed INK API

    Creating the illusion of a pen writing on paper is no easy software task. Fortunately, the .NET Framework hosts Tablet PC extensions, which lets you create ink-aware applications for the Tablet PC. This API allows applications to draw strokes on the screen and perform a variety of tasks including document markup, storage, and transmission.This article shows you how to handle a couple of inking events as used in the InkClipboard sample. Later, it discusses how to avoid common pitfalls including too frequent redrawing, which causes the ink flow to lag behind the pen movements, diminishing the illusion of ink on paper.Carlos C. TapangMSDN Magazine October 2003

  • Artist creates intricate animal portraits from fabric and thread

    Sophie Standing's art combines the detail of pen-and-ink illustrations with the exuberant patterns of a quilt.

  • ASP.NET: Create Snazzy Web Charts and Graphics On the Fly with the .NET Framework

    Knowledge workers can understand data more effectively when raw numbers are presented in a graphical format. This is especially true when displaying database information on a Web page, where a simple chart can make the difference between a dry presentation and a vivid data source. In the past, creating dynamic, data-based charts on the fly in ASP required purchasing a third-party, image-generating COM component. Now with ASP.NET, developers can access the .NET Framework''s drawing classes directly with C# to create dynamic images and charts.Scott MitchellMSDN Magazine February 2002

  • Lux Level for Outdoor Plant

    Hiiii friends Please can you provide me the chart for the LUX level for the outdoor industrial plant.

  • Extreme UI: Line Charts with Data Templates

    Charles Petzold continues his investigation into robust XAML coding made possible by Windows Presentation Foundation, this time tackling the complicated process of creating line charts.Charles PetzoldMSDN Magazine January 2010

Product Announcements for Chart Paper And Pens
West Control Solutions
MRC8000 Chart Recorder and Data Acquisition

capability  . Two large displays —allow you to see critical process values at the same time on 2 pen models  . Easy, straightforward programming —allows you to configure your recorder with a logical step-by-step process using a simple keypad  . High resolution of recorder process variables for better record accuracy  . Reliability —maintenance free recording for years to come  . Specifications: Product Category: Circular Paper Chart Recorder. Dimensions and size: 12...

West Control Solutions
MRC7000 Chart Recorder & Data Acquisition

to come  .  . Specifications: Product Category: Circular Paper Chart Recorder. Dimensions and size: 10" Chart, 13.2" x 15.1" x 3.63" (HxWxD). Number of Inputs: 1 - 2  . Input Type: Universal (thermocouple, RTD, mV/mA/V DC). Number of Outputs: 1 - 8. Output Type: Relay, SSR Driver,  0-20mA or 4-20mA; 0-650ohm max load. Max. Number of Outputs: Control Type: ON/OFF, PID, Manual, Alarm, Profiling. Power Supply: 115V or 230V AC 50/60Hz. Communications: RS485 Serial (Modbus ® RTU...

Linseis Inc.
Economy Flatbed Recorder/L120E

L120E. Flat-bed recorder built according to CE and FCC regulations. *Chart width 120 mm. *1 and 2 channel version. *1mV-50V ranges. *16 chart speeds from 0,1-20 mm/sec or mm/min. *Separate electric penlift per channel. *Ergonomic design. *Single chip hybrid technology. *Longlife fibre tip pens. *Pen holder with capping (prevents pen dry-out). *Paper advance/rewind knob.