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  • Mixing Solutions for Chemical Processing
    There's a lot of exciting things happening at Sonic within the chemical industry. We've seen our Sonolator Systems, TechBlend blending systems and Colloid Mill units implemented in various chemical plants around the globe to solve a host of mixing needs. Silicone manufacturers have invested in our
  • Chemical Applications: Colloid Mill Application Card - Greases, Bentone Clays
    Sonic's RotoMill Colloid Mills have been used extensively in the manufacture of greases and bentonite clays. Grease consists of a thickening agent, such as alkali soaps, polymers, silicas, clays, or aluminum complexes, dispersed throughout a lubricating oil, either synthetic or petroleum based
  • Application Note: Sugar Mill Carbonation Process
    Milling crushes, shreds or presses the cane or beets to extract the juice to which calcium oxide (milk of lime) is added. The calcium oxide raises the pH of the juice to a little over 11 and the water in the juice reacts with the calcium oxide to form calcium hydroxide. The chemical addition has
  • Lower Cost Ruthenium-Enhanced Titanium Alloys for Severe Chemical Service (.pdf)
    Two ruthenium-enhanced titanium alloys, ASTM Grades 26 and 27 containing nominally 0.10-0.12 wt.% Ru, are significantly less expensive than Ti-Pd alloys in mill product forms, because of the lower, more stable price for ruthenium, ~15% that of palladium.
  • Application of pre-acidification
    APPLICATION OF PRE-ACIDIFICATION IN THE BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER FROM A BAGASSE BASED PULP AND PAPER MILL Mondi Kraft Felixton Mill, Private Bax X05, Felixton, 3875 Water Utilisation Division, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, 0002 acidogenic
  • Biological Water Treatment
    ABB instrumentation was an obvious choice when the Swedish pulp producer Vallviks Bruk AB built a new plant for biological water treatment. Vallviks Bruk AB, located about 200 km (125 miles) north of. Stockholm, produces softwood kraft pulp and chemical pulp for export. A tour of the mill shows
  • Optimisation
    were also seen in the other pulp mill departments (digester, bleach plant, evaporation plant and recovery boiler) due to the reduced variability of white liquor quality and higher white liquor strength. Causticizing plays an important role in the chemical balance of a kraft mill, as this process
  • PT 101: Accelerometers Measure Slow Speed Rollers and Detect High Frequencies
    Successful vibration monitoring of paper machines depends on quality sensors, field proven for reliability. Accelerometers used in paper mill applications must survive harsh thermal, electrical and chemical environments while performing demanding bearing measurements. Wilcoxon piezoceramic

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