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  • The Importance of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the Water Analysis Sector (.pdf)
    the threat of possible danger to health, or the very existence of certain species, it is essential to determine the quality of a water source before water is drawn off for consumption. ./0c33d8a9-7298-4270-86f1-1697956812bb Application Report. The Importance of Biochemical Oxygen Demand. (BOD
  • TOC Analysis in a Chemical Laboratory
    . are also compliant with state and federal regulatory requirements and industry standard methods.5,6. Other analytical options for measuring organics include the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen. Demand (COD) techniques,2 but each has its limitations. BOD analysis takes five days—too long
  • TOC Correlation to BOD or COD (Part 1)
    Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen. Demand (COD) are traditional parameters analyzed in. the laboratory to determine organic matter in water. and wastewater. Wastewater facility operators need. to have constant data to monitor their discharges and. optimize treatment processes
  • Oilsorb TM lowers COD (.pdf)
    COD problems? Organoclay (OILSORB) to the rescue. It is a fact that many plant engineers fail to understand the significance of COD (chemical oxygen demand) measurements. As one example, the discharge limit may be 50 ppm for COD and 100 ppm for oil. If an engineer is asked if he has a problem
  • Chemical Pumps: Zero Liquid Discharge in Surface Treatment Shop
    through the COD -Chemical Oxygen Demand, in the effluent is often higher than the allowed maximum limit, and also effluent salinity is high. 3. Technical choices for setting up the "zero liquid discharge ". Issues are related to the flow of rinsing waters and their salt concentration. When the salt
  • Copper drawn part used in Aerospace oxygen application. Part needed clean surfaces free of contamination.
    This component held chemicals that produce. oxygen on demand for emergency air breathing masks on. commercial airliners. It had to be totally clean and free of contaminates. Engineers feared that contaminates could compromise. the integrity of the chemicals that would be stored inside
  • Wolsung Nuclear Power Plant Uses Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors for Dissolved Oxygen Removal to Prevent Corrosion (.pdf)
    demands of the nuclear power industry. The Wolsung unit 1 plant is a pressurized heavy water type reactor (PHWR). In this plant the membranes are used to remove dissolved oxygen from the end shield cooling system. This system re-circulates water that is used to cool the reactor wall. The cooling system
  • Chemical Cost Comparison of a Conventional Deaerator vs a Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactor System (.pdf)
    because a. be practical due to ambient air contamination. The. smaller mixed bed system can be considered. membrane system is also modular and can be easily. expanded to meet plant water demand growth. Table 2: Chemical Costs Per 110 m3/hr System. Notes: 1) HCl costs based on 620 RMB/metric ton

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