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  • Optimize Terephthaldehyde Reactor Operations (.pdf)
    holder. Optimize terephthaldehyde. reactor operations. Korea’s largest chemical company uses innovative modeling. techniques to design high-performance reactors. S. B. Shin, S. P. hAn, W. J. Lee, Y. h. im, J. h. ChAe, D. i. Lee, W. h. Lee,. LG Chem, Ltd., Daejeon, South Korea, and Z. UrBAn, Process
  • Advanced Reactor System for the Fine Control of Properties of Molybdenum Powder
    system from both product quality con-trol and cost saving. ./f6e12e47-0760-478d-9a9c-cd156b5c2680 White Paper: Advanced Reactor System for the Fine Control of. Properties of Molybdenum Powder. By Fenglin Yang, Ph.D., Manager of R &D Lab. Harper International Corp. Abstract. Extensive
  • Zirconium Clad Pressure Vessels Offer Cost Savings in Highly Corrosive HCL Service (.pdf)
    demonstrated superior performance to glass lined steel reactors in. an aggressive process application at a major chemical company. The environment is severe with hot,. corrosive hydrochloric acid containing ferric ions, thermal and mechanical cycling, mechanical. agitation, and external heat transfer
  • Chemical Pumps: Zero Liquid Discharge in Surface Treatment Shop
    treatment processes is reported in figure 1. The process requires a complex plant, made of: many tanks and storage for effluents, chemicals, sludge, reactors for mixing of effluents and reagents of both treatments and pre/post-treatments. a large volume setter. a plate filter press. many pumps. control
  • Regeneration of Fixed Catalyst Bed With Special Reference to Petroleum Refining
    AND RESULTS. Continuous processing techniques and high cost of shutdown in petroleum refining require quick turnabout. Most frequently the reactor gravity feeds a triple deck Kason Separator equipped with screens having openings of 0.375 ", 0.202 " and 0.108 ". These screen sizes are most frequently selected
  • Application of pre-acidification
    level range. CONCLUSION The acidogenic reactor made it possible to run both methanogenic and aerobic treatment systems by reducing TSS levels sufficiently to prevent a build up of inert MLSS fractions in the reactors. Of particular significance is that TSS was reduced to less than 10% of the COD
  • The evolution in Eucalyptus pulp bleaching
    high consistency ozone reactor is followed by two medium consistency stages for D and P and two washers complete the equipment. Less electrical energy is needed driving machines. This compensates a higher requirement for chemical generation. Comparison of bleaching chemicals requirement in four, three
  • Profitable and environmentally sound production
    , alkali and oxygen, should thus be charged ahead of the first stage, to maintain a high chemical concentration in this first stage, and there is no split of the chemicals between the reactors. The pulp is heated between the reactors to the required temperature level for the second stage. Together

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