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  • Versatile Absorbents Neutralize & Solidify Chemical Spills
    Chemical spill or a bloodborne pathogen spill can be hazardous not only to personnel coming into immediate contact with the spill, but to the environment, as well. This makes the cleanup and inactivation of spills critical not only for the safety of the employee, but to the potential liability
  • Air Pressure Monitoring for a Chemical Fume Hood
    and then out via the ducted hood exhaust system. Designed for 2 operators, the fume hood had a Fiberglas Reinforced Polyester liner and shielded workers with a sash containing harmful aerosols and preventing injury from chemical spills, fires, or minor explosions.
  • Hazmat Storage Locker - Chemical Storage Safety
    Even chemicals that are considered to be benign can potentially still be hazardous in the right circumstances. Climate control, proper inventory procedures and storage guidelines are critical to prevent uncontrolled chemical reactions, hazmat spills and minimize worker exposures. Learn more about
  • What Oil Spills Teach Us about Industrial Hoses
    According to the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD), chemical compatibility describes the degree to which one material can contact another without an adverse change in properties. In other words, technical buyers need to consider how a liquid will react
  • Green Opportunities in China For North American Firms (.pdf)
    its economy - but now it is paying the price, a BBC correspondent says. "A chemical spill in a river near the city of Harbin last year drew international attention, as water supplies to almost four million people had to be suspended for nearly a week.". Under the stimulus plan, sewage treatment
  • Secondary Containment - Sulfuric Acid
    Two of the chemical storage tanks' secondary containment area, which was constructed out of concrete and coated with epoxy paint, was beginning to deteriorate. With common spills associated with a sulfuric acid and caustic soda storage, an environmental problem could have been a result.
  • MICRO: Products In Action
    New coupling design helps eliminate spillage, contamination in UHP chemical lines Coupling designs can solve many problems facing users who must efficiently handle aggressive chemicals. Traditional poppet-style designs spill a significant amount of fluid when disconnected. Also, ultrapure fluids
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    University of Waterloo News Bureau UW researcher uses microbes to combat contamination WATERLOO, Ont. -- A University of Waterloo environmental microbiologist, Barbara Butler, is interested in using microbial life forms -- bacteria -- to clean up chemical pollution of groundwater systems
  • Microlenses may detect biological weapons
    Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a method of detecting trace amounts of biological or chemical agents in seconds, much faster than traditional methods which can take up to a day. On the left, a microlens is in the on state and ready to detect. The right shows
  • The detection of Total Organic Chloride and/or Hydrogen Chloride
    Halogenated hydrocarbons and hydro halogenated compounds are found in a wide variety of chemical, petrochemical and refinery processes. Interest in detecting the total of these types of compounds arises in monitoring ambient air for leaks, spills or personnel protection and in. monitoring feed

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