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  • States > Florida > Hillsborough County > Regulations > [FL Hills Reg 38] 38 - Water and Sewage Disposal Systems suspension in public wastewater pipes, with no particle greater than one-half inch in any dimension . (w) Hauler: Any person engaged in transportation or conveyance of liquid wastes to a county wastewater treatment... (y) Holding Tank Waste: Any waste from holding tanks such as vessels, chemical toilets, campers, trailers, septic tanks, and vacuum-pump tank trucks .
  • CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering, Volume III Plant Production Engineering, Front Matter and Index
    ...Design, Specifications 127 Chassis Concepts, Four-wheel Drive 129 Brakes 131 Steering 134 Track Width and Wheel-to-hub Fixing 136 1.1.30 Diesel Engines and Fuel Tank 137 Development Trends 137... ...xiv Contents Concept and Dimensions of the Three-point... Control Equipment 269 1.5.1 Pest Control Methods 269 Non- Chemical Methods 269 Chemical Control Methods... 465 Hoist and Truck Loaders 465 Universal Elevators 465 Tractor-mounted Loaders 465 Self-propelled Loaders 466 Forklifts 466 1... ...Lines 469 Requirements 470 Principles of Operation 470 1.8.3 Transplanters 471 1.8.4 Transportation 472 1.8.5...
  • ZMSCC1993P417
    In the chemical process industries, rubber lining is used extensively for reactors, columns and towers, absorbers and desorbers, crystallizer and evaporator bodies, filters, centrifuges, storage and weigh tanks , rail and truck tank cars, pipes and valves, agitators, pumps, etc. Lining quality can be best controlled in shop-lined equipment Unit size limits for shop-lined equipment is usually set by transport size limits, usually approximately 4 m (13 it) maximum, in any dimension .
  • Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS) (1,500 GPH)
    The system is mounted on two different platforms, one platform being skid-based for conventional truck /trailer transport (for the US Marines), the other having the system... ...× 20 ft load handling system (LHS) compatible ISO- dimensioned container, enabling the TWPS... The complete system includes a pre-treatment system, chemical injection, high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis elements, control panel, valves, piping, cold weather protection... ...collection module, NBC treatment module, five 11,355 litre (3,000 US gallon) onion tanks , ocean intake system, distribution...
  • States > Vermont > State > Statutes > Title 23 - Motor Vehicles > [23 V.S.A., chapter 1] 001 - General Provisions
    54) "Transportation dolly" means a vehicle towed by a motor vehicle and designed and used exclusively in the transport of buildings which are not normally transported over the highway and whose dimensions and/or weight would require a permit subject to engineering inspection... 55) "Unprocessed milk products" means raw milk transported in bulk when transported in a milk tank truck , semi-trailer, trailer or combination thereof. ...semi-flotation applicator vehicle" means a vehicle used for the application of lime, fertilizer, or agricultural chemicals .
  • Titan Logix Corp
    An independent company specialising in industrial instrumentation and automation technologies, primarily for the oil and gas, chemical and transportation industries. The liquid volume (or level) is shown on a digital display or monitoring unit in user defined units (gallons, litres etc), customised to the tank dimensions . ...monitoring, controlling and reporting the application of aircraft de-icing/anti-icing fluid from a de-icing truck .
  • The Alpha Log bill inserted a provision to examine ways to cut down on cargo tank rollovers as well. ...the infrastructure to produce, supply and sell urea-based DEF in time to meet 2010 truck demand. ...customers won’t be pining for more expensive 2010 engines for a while, chemical producers, OEMs, and... It can be had for about three bucks.

    Vehicle weights & Dimensions : When it comes to environmentally sustainable transportation , governments talk a good game but are agonizingly slow...

  • Federal Register > Tuesday, November 30, 2010 > [75 FR 74152] Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engin...
    The remaining 6.5 percent of the trailer registrations consisted of livestock, transfer, hazardous chemical tanks , hoppers, gooseneck livestock, lowbed drop deck, beverage, special, dry bulk tanker, logging, wood chip, and other types of trailers. Within each of these main trailer categories there are distinctions among trailer construction, materials, dimension , mass, and functionality, all of which can impact a trailer's contribution to truck fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Typically at any one time, two trailers are parked while one is being transported .
  • Portable Composting Toilet
    It abolishes the use of the chemical toilets, which are environmentally unfriendly. It utilises atmospheric oxygen and solar energy (heat and radiation), and can be transported to a different location by trailer or truck . The toilet is a metal box with dimensions 1 x 1.5 x 2,3 m, consisting of a metal tank for the sewage concentration of 500 litres and a ventilation-evaporation system.
  • States > New York > State > Regulations > Title 6 - Department of Environmental Conservation > Chapter IV - Quality Services > Subchapter B - Solid Wastes > [6...
    Transfer of leakproof, closed containers of solid waste from vehicle to vehicle, including truck to train, for the purpose of consolidating loads for shipment to... ...closed container during the transfer between vehicles; storage remains incidental to transport at the location where... ...regulated medical waste, any method, technique or process designed to change the physical, chemical , or biological character... ...a dug well, where the depth of the dug well is greater than the largest surface dimensions . 177) Underground tank means any stationary tank completely or partially covered with earth or other material.

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