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  • Seaming Technique for Chemically Resistant, Reusable, Vacuum Bag Material
    Design and construction of vacuum bag material is a fundamental aspect of composite fabrication with aggressive resins, such as epoxy and vinyl ester, in vacuum and channel assisted resin transfer molding processes. To achieve optimal results while maintaining the integrity of the overall assembly,
  • The Logical Path - The Application of Ceramics to Diaphragm Pumps
    To achieve the highest possible safety in service, pumps employed in the chemical industry must be gas-tight, chemically resistant and maintenance-free. To avoid unwelcome chemical reactions and to maintain the purity of the gases, contamination by the pumping process must be prevented. Read how
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    A chemically resistant transfer or circulation pump has a duckbill/umbrella valve that does not require external sealing. The pump features flow rates up to 350 ml/min, with discharge pressures up to 35 psi. It can self-prime to 5 ft. Under continuous operation, fluid temperatures up to 40�C
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    Acrylic Multipolymer Adds Durability to Check Valve Design A chemically resistant material improves a key component in drug-delivery systems To provide patients with high-quality treatment and care, doctors rely on the integrity of each and every drug-delivery device and component. Because
  • Rust Preventative Coatings
    coatings are corrosion and chemically resistant and provide a barrier to protect the substrate. Zinc or aluminum rust preventative coatings provide a sacrificial layer that galvanicly protects the ferrous surface, even if the layer is breached in places. Zinc phosphate, barium metaborate
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    and braided catheter extrusion. , 12 McFadden Rd., Easton, PA 18045. Flexible tubing is made from nontoxic PVC to offer good strength and kink resistance. Chemically resistant, the tubing is suited for handling corrosive, pure, and sensitive solutions. Inner diameters range from 1/16 to 1/2
  • Calcium Aluminate Cements
    concretes and mortars. Typical applications for calcium aluminate cements and concrete include industrial floors that are chemically resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant; as well as refractory castables and repair applications. The hydrates in calcium aluminate cements are responsible
  • Evaluating the performance of polysulfone membrane filters in SC-1 chemistries
    of the chemically resistant polysulfone membrane maximizes flow capability and allows for a double-layer filter configuration that enhances particle capture at a lower flow resistance than is possible with conventional single-layer PTFE filters. The membrane material is offered in 2.6-in.-OD (1.08-in

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